April 20, 2011

Caught on Camera

Pre-apologies to Poppy, who, I know, cannot watch these videos on the boat. The twins were playing their new favorite game (Hide 'n' Seek) in the basement yesterday, and I realized I had my computer with me and could get it on video. They only hide in 2 spots. Allie will show you both!


Then they realized they could see themselves on the computer and started showing off. This is a video of them counting to 10. I was trying to just get Ryan (because his sister frequently steals the stage, and he really can do so much, he just lets her take over...). But, true to form, Allie hopped in and took over. Notice at the end her attempt to count to 20 (which we've been working on recently). She loves the number 18 as much as she loves the number 8!


In this final video, they are singing their ABC's. Normally they sing much louder and more clear, but they were so distracted by their own cuteness on the screen that they could barely get through! My favorite part of this clip? At the end when I tell them to say goodbye and "I love you." Ryan says, "Elmo!" Why? Because we borrowed the movie "Elmo Loves You" from the library, and now instead of saying "I love you," he just says "Elmo" because Elmo loves you! I was so thrilled to catch it on video because I think it is so cute, but know it won't last forever.



Kim said...

The twins have already watched these videos several times, and I love that when you ask Ryan who he sees he says "Seeee (sis) and Guy-guy (Ry-guy)" !!! I love this age. They are so stinking cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm at work so I saw this but I have no sound :( Can't wait to get home to watch this. It looks so cute. Lucky you caught this while it was happening!! Yay for us!! Love from Nana

Anonymous said...

I came home between appts. to see this . Its so cute love hearing them talk and watching them at play. Love You two, Gigi

Lauren and Jeff said...

Their little voices are so cute!

Kelsey said...

Adorable!!! Their little voices are so precious! Thank you for posting! :)