April 25, 2011

Easter: Part 3 (Then & Now)

I've mentioned past Easter's. Technically, I blogged about last Easter (I'm so mean...I keep sending you to those horrible pictures of sick babies!). But their first Easter was during the early weeks of them being home. The "Lost" weeks when I didn't blog because I was immersed in baby land. So I thought I would include the first Easter here, as well as this year's.

To start, a few statistics: The twins were 5 weeks old for their first Easter...but it was 1 week before their due date, so technically they were -1 week old! Ryan had been home for a little over 2 weeks. Allie was just short of being home 2 full weeks. Their outfits (which are clearly too big) are size "newborn." Take a look in the baby section next time you go shopping to get an idea of how truly tiny they were!

Our first attempt at a "together" picture. They are both in 1 half of their side-by-side bassinet. It didn't go over very well...

In our family, this is considered THE Classic "together" picture from that first Easter...with my double chin in the background...
Nana & Great-Grandma (or Lil Grandma or Lil G - as we call her here) were visiting. Lil Grandma for the first time. She wanted to get a picture with the twins (featured here because I realized that I'm not sure I have any pictures on the blog with just Lil G & the twinners). Ry-guy didn't exactly cooperate...
Lucas was incredibly sick (you know the pastor is sick when he doesn't go to Easter service!), so Nana and I took the first family Easter picture with their baskets (we did not plan to have matching hair-do's, but it totally works!)

Our first family picture at church (in their Easter outfits even though it was about a month later - try to IMAGINE this was our Easter picture!).
Fast forward 2 years (and, I mean seriously, fast forward. Looking back I cannot figure out where the time has gone!), to today. Some statistics: Nana has been with the twins for every single Easter so far. The twins are now a little more than 5 times the weight they were for their first Easter. This is our FIRST Easter with everyone healthy (I wasn't ready to fully claim that until the day was over!)
Is it the Easter Bunny? No! It's the Easter BUDDY!!

Our church always has an Easter breakfast made and served by the men.

Due to allergies, we had to bring the twins' pancakes, but they didn't mind.

One of the most fun things about the morning was that they got to spend it with the triplets! Our 5 together (they are only a month younger than the twins) is truly a sight. Our 5 in their Easter finest running around church - one of the cutest things you will ever see!

After church they always have an Easter Egg Hunt. The twins had a blast running around to get eggs. I think the key is the wait. When they have to wait, we distract them too well. This time they just ran out the door and started finding eggs - and it was perfect!

Holding her daddy's hand. Awwww...

Getting some help.
Breaking into the eggs (without regard for the children swinging a mere 5 inches from her head!)

Our FIRST Easter Day family picture!!!!!

We really had a wonderful Easter weekend, and (I think) enjoyed each event so much more because of how different our past 2 Easters ended up being. And final, the lyrics (the last 3 verses) from one of our favorite songs to wrap up this post and remind us what Easter is all about:

In Chris alone, who took on flesh

Fullness of God in helpless babe.

This gift of love, and righteousness,

Scorned by the ones he came to save:

Till on that cross as Jesus died,

The wrath of God was satisfied -

For every sin on Him was laid;

Here in the death of Christ I live.

There in the ground His body lay,

Light of the world by darkness slain.

Then bursting forth in glorious day,

Up from the grave He rose again!

And as He stands in victory

Sin's curse has lost its grip on me,

For I am His and He is mine -

Bought with the precious blood of Christ.

No guilt in life, no fear in death,

THIS is the power of Christ in me.

From life's first cry to final breath,

Jesus commands my destiny.

No power of hell, no scheme of man,

Can ever pluck me from His hand;

Till He returns or calls me home,

Here in the power of Christ I'll stand.


Anonymous said...

Very nice blog and good pictures. They are growing up way to fast for gigi tho. I am so Happy you had a healthy and good Easter this year. Love the words to this song too. God is so good to us we can't even begin to grasp all He has done for us and is still doing. Love to you all. Gigi and Papa

Anonymous said...

What delightful pictures!! What a joy to have healthy kids that had so much fun and your family photo is beautiful. Yes, thanks for the song. It's truly what it is all about! Praise and thanks and glory be to God. Lots of love and prayers, Grandma and Grandpa

Lauren and Jeff said...

Easter Buddy is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Kim ...it was a delightful weekend and I was happy I could help out. Thanks for letting me come. Just driving into the driveway and hearing the twins yell "NANA" is the best Easter gift ever. Thanks for everything, & my birthday gifts too. Loved everything and anxious to start in my journal. But putting all that aside thank you for reminding us of the greatest gift of all "HE LIVES"!! Love the songs. NANA

MEBS said...

Aw, Kim, I LOVED the Easter Post, and you all make such a beautiful family in your Easter best (you all ALWAYS make a beautiful family... but it's fun to be dressed up for special holidays isn't it?) (I also loved the post with Ali singing... heart melting is right.)