April 18, 2011

Catching Up

Due to my lack of pictures lately, and my lack of pictures taken, I'm going to do one big catchup post. The biggest bummer: for some reason I can't get my pictures off of my phone...and I actually had some cute ones...

A couple weekends ago, Lucas and I split up the twins for a mother/daughter & father/son morning. Allie & I went to a baby shower for Lala (I, clearly, forgot the camera and forgot to get pictures from Nana, so you only get to see the boys' day), where she was literally a perfect angel. The guys:

Went to the park,

and had a jam session!
When we got back the twinners spent some time with daddy. He hit the ball and they chased it down and brought it back.
Allie is obsessed with shoes lately, but this was her first time in heels. She did surprisingly well!
Lala brought the twins a belated birthday present. A water table! Since I had been using a bucket and some measuring cups to get the same effect, this was a HUGE hit! They not only played all afternoon, but went back to it as soon as they finished eating and had to be forced to stop to go to bed. Thanks, Lala!!
Last week, tired of the never-ending pressure of overwhelming mounds of laundry, I decided to tackle it with unprecedented voracity - refusing to stop until ALL of the laundry was done. I am embarrassed to report that I found, at the bottom of hampers that clearly had not been emptied for a while, clothing that the twins could no longer wear because of size. The good news is that the laundry now only requires minimal maintenance to keep at a manageable level. Best housecleaning move I have made in a while!

This terrible picture is from our recent excursion to Dora Live! Only included because it was a "big event" that happened recently and this is the ONLY picture we were able to capture before the battery died :( While our children had no clue who Dora was (apologies to all who love her, but I find her mind-numbing and refuse to waste the twin's tv time on her show), we thought it would be fun for them to have a "live" experience - especially since we were able to get a great discount. I grew up going to Sesame Street Live, and the magic of those performances still lives in infamy in my memories. It ended up being a great disappointment. It appeared to be a local college (or high school? They looked so young, but that could be a sign of us getting old...) production of a Dora movie. We were clearly a test-run before the main performance (which we heard wasn't any better). All adults in attendance felt it was a bit of a disappointment, but all of the children thought it was the best thing ever! Ryan didn't move for a full hour - completely captivated by the characters dancing and singing right in front of him! Their excitement made it worth it.

Waiting for Dora!
And, due to my lack of picture taking, that is the meagre extent of my catchup post. But never fear! This week is Holy Week, full of Easter happenings. Provided that our entire family stays healthy for the FIRST time since the twins were born (remember last year?), I will have many cute and exciting happenings to post :)


Kelsey said...

You're funny. Text your pictures to your email!! Or, you can text them to me, and I will email them to you! :) Just a thought! LOL Love the new post!

Kim said...

I usually DO text my pictures to my e-mail, but I keep trying and they keep not appearing. They aren't going to my spam, so I don't know what is happening. But I'm pretty sure we get charged each time I try to send them, so I'm not trying again unless I'm sure it isn't costing me money!

Lauren and Jeff said...

Congrats on tackling your undone laundry! I know that feeling of relief that washes over a mom when the task she has been avoiding is finally accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Kim...please don't remind us of past Easter Sickness...I still vision Allie barely opening her eyes. But you are right this will be 1st unsick Easter and we will pray hard!! I have some great Pictures of Allie sitting in the toy box at the shower with Cuppycake. You can download them when I come at Easter. Hugs to all, thanks for the new blog. It always makes my day better!! NANA

Anonymous said...

THANKS for the update!!!! So great to see the munchkins again and you and Lucas. And don't you wish the laundry would STAY done for awhile?? Have a blessed Easter week. Rejoice, our Savior has risen! Love and prayers, Grandma