May 02, 2011

Our Weekend

This weekend we enjoyed a bit of a "long" weekend. Because of all the extra hours he put in during Holy Week, Lucas was able to take off Friday - giving us 2 full days in a row of time with Daddy! We did our best to make the time memorable!

First: I always try to tell people that Ryan's hair is as curly as Allie's was when her hair was that short. But with her wild, curly locks and his untamed yet straight hair in front of them I am rarely believed. But here is evidence!!

Look at these curls!!


With a tight budget and ever-rising gas prices, we've been attempting to cut down on our gas consumption. One of the things we have changed is that we have cut down to 2 grocery trips a month. Since we don't have a lot in the immediate vicinity for special, fun outings, when we are already out for groceries I like to try to throw in something fun. Make the most of a rare trip. Last time we went to the Humane Society to see the animals. This time we went to the Cascade Falls Park. The plan was to feed the ducks, but when we arrived there were no ducks in sight :( There were, however, large signs that said "Do not feed the wildlife," so we would have been disappointed either way!
Before we left I packed a picnic lunch.

Then they played on the playground.

Yes, this is my little man way up high on the big slide. Yes, he climbed there all by himself. Yes, this made my heart both terrified and sad.


After our recent trip to see the cows, we were invited to the farm of some other members of our church to see their lambs! There was only one problem...the twins have apparently only ever seen WHITE sheep. These were dark brown and black with white spots. My children thought they were cows (and were surprisingly un-impressed)...They also had, in the same barn, ducklings, baby chicks, chickens, cats, and a dog. There were so many other great animals to distract them! In fact, for a while, Ryan was the only one who showed any interest!

They really enjoyed the ducklings, and after we left they were eager to tell us that the ducks were their favorite!

B was there too! They all enjoyed running around with the little ducklings chasing them!

Ultimately, my children were much more fascinated with the swing set. A park in your backyard! What luxury!

with 4 kids fighting over 2 swings, there were always a couple who had to be entertained. F spent a considerable amount of time amusing Allie by popping off the heads of dandelions.

After waiting with a shocking amount of patience, Ryan finally got a swing! I love the way he is looking at C here!

In the afternoon, they went outside with Daddy. We have been keeping their sleds in the garage, and they frequently beg for rides. This time Daddy gave in!

And that was our "long" weekend with Daddy!


Kim said...

Oh, and before we left they each sat in my lap and held a lamb with me. They loved it, but since they were in MY lap, and I needed both hands to keep the lamb from darting away, we didn't get any pictures...

Anonymous said...

I love the sled ride with no snow..great!! Looks like they had a great time. Any signs of cat allergies from them. All of my kids had allergies to cats. I don't like the one of Ryan on the big slide made me nervous and I wasn't even there. I love the ways you find things to do that don't cost money. Great Job! Love you NANA

Anonymous said...

I like your hair cut Lucas!! MOM

Anonymous said...

was so cute to finally see his curls. He looks like trouble with the way his eyes are with the camera. I would have been holding my breath till he got safly to the ground on the slide. Allie looks safe enough and having a good time too. Gigi

Kim said...

No cat allergies! They've hugged them and kissed them and never had a problem! Thank goodness they take after me there, they love kitties!

Lauren and Jeff said...

Yay for "long" weekends with Daddy! We also cherish those as currently the only day we are all home together for an entire day is Sunday.
By the way, I love seeing bits and pieces of Morgan's clothes on Allie in the blog pics. I'm glad they are getting used and it also gives me a warm-fuzzy connected-to-family feeling. :)