March 25, 2010

Under the Sea

Ah, the big 1st birthday par-tay. Initially (like when they were first born) I wanted a BIG party (because we would have survived and needed to celebrate!). Then, when I found out how close to their birthday we would be moving I decided it should be small, a few people, minimal decorations, little fuss...but I am an activities director and couldn't help myself! It soon grew to have almost thirty people, a theme, decorations, games, the whole shebang.

The party started with the babies playing in their playroom (adjacent to the party room) with cousins and second cousins (cousin cuppycake crawled...and then fell down...but her mom said it was the longest she had ever stayed up!)

while everyone else played the party games ("Allie & Ryan's 20 Questions" and "Pin the Fin").
Pin the Fin started out for the younger generation, but then someone said it was an "if you are shorter than..." kind of game, which drew in Grandma & Marcia...and then others tried it out as well!

Near the end we had to make it more difficult...

Papa & Gigi won "Allie & Ryan's 20 Questions" while Marcia won "Pin the Fin" for the adults & Charley won for the youth...and gave his prize to his sister...who picked the squirt gun...which gave her the right to shoot Lucas! Sadly, we somehow missed that Kodak moment...
Then we moved onto the big moment - the cake (or in this case, cupcakes thanks to the advice of a friend!).

Allie was really into it, but Ryan was NOT a fan.

Next was presents, and the babies got a lot. I was going to put on the invites no gifts necessary, but I knew (having been to several first birthdays where that was specified) that no one shows up empty handed was almost overwhelming. In fact, more than once I almost was overcome as I thought about how the gifts were a MINOR representation of how loved these babies are. They are so lucky.

Finally the babies played a little more while everyone else chatted and we finished the dinner upstairs.

Playing with cousin Morgan (the ONE decent picture we were able to get of three VERY mobile toddlers!)

The babies went to bed and we all had dinner (roast, baked potatoes, green beans, rolls, corn, yum!), and then a champagne toast for me & Lucas (to surviving the first year and to enjoying the ones to come!).

Ultimately, it was a wonderful time spent with family and friends. It made us even more thankful to be back in the midwest because if we hadn't been so close, we wouldn't have been able to have so many of our family members there to celebrate with us (although we did think of our friends in MA who we would have loved to had there with us too...). The one person we were REALLY sad couldn't make it: Papi! Unfortunately, Lucas' dad had to go back to the boat (earliest he's ever been called back). We missed you, and we love you!!
In the end, a great time was had by all (or at least by the most important 2!).


Anonymous said...

It was sad not being there but in about three more years I won't miss out on anything ever again. I really appreciate all the picture messages everyone sent me...made me feel a little part of the party.
Congrats on being parents of toddlers now. Give them hugs and kisses from there Papi.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how the twins daddy *cheated Nana on Pin the fin"....have the twins sat in their chairs yet?? they are so cute!! It went by so fast it felt like I wasn't even there. I don't like that feeling. All in all I think the twins loved the party even when they had looks on their faces like "why are these people all here?" & "why is everyone starring at me and singing to me. They were precious! Hugs from Nana

Kim said...

They have sat in the chairs and they love them! They think they are really cool stuff when they are in their chairs ;) Pictures will be posted...soonish :)

Anonymous said...

you did a great job on their first
Birthday celebrations. The food was delicious and enjoyed all your company . was sorry Papi couldn't be there too. Love ya all, Gigi

Anonymous said...

OK, this is the 4th time I have tried to send a comment in the past couple days and none went through! Great party!! CUTE mermaid and diver! We ALL re really, really looking forward to seeing you and the twins in Nebraska!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I wish I could have been there. We have a little something for Allie and Ryan but I don't know when we are going to get it to you guys. I was hoping to come out and check out Hillsdale/visit with you guys during April break but I don't think that will happen.
I hope all is well with you guys!
-Grace :)