May 03, 2010

Naptime at the Zoo

Saturday was a day full of adventures. It started with a trip to cousin Cuppycake's house where all 3 cousins cruised around the house with their matching Walk 'n' Rides!
They're off!!
Traffic jam

Then we went with Uncle Logi, Aunt Min, Cuppycake, Nana, & Cuppycake's cousin M. To the Potter Park Zoo! Cuppycake was at the zoo with ALL of her current cousins from both sides!

Unfortunately, it must have been naptime because many (it seemed like most!) of the animals were sleeping...
Amur Tiger

Bactrian Camel

Llama, Llama Red Pajama! (yes, we started reciting the lines from the book when we saw the llamas. What can I say? It's a favorite around here!)

European Rabbit

Magellanic Penguins

(I was most dissappointed that these were sleeping - in those little caves. I love penguins SO much and was looking forward to seeing them...)

African Lion

Thankfully not ALL of the animals were sleeping.

(they were eating and the babies were fans)


(these were VERY awake, and just about anywhere you went in the zoo there was a peacock making noise or strutting its stuff. Several were roaming around and one came right by the stroller! The peacocks were definitely a highlight)

We also got to pet some ponies, see an otter put on a show, feed the ducks, ooh & ah over some fish (the twinners love when you do a fishy face!), and see many other animals (awake & asleep).

One of my favorite moments was when we were outside and a tiger was pacing near the fence (there were like 3 fences between us and him). Every time he went out of sight, Ryan would reach out his hands and try to call him back! Ry-guy is definitely an animal lover!

Exhausted after seeing most of the zoo

Potter Park Zoo is a fabulous zoo (especially for little ones) because you can see the entire zoo in one afternoon (it took us around 2 hours, but we also went quickly through some exhibits because the animals were sleeping...) which is great for little ones with short attention spans. I also think the zoo would be especially fabulous if we can go during a time when the animals are awake!

The favorite animal of the day?


Everything he did made the babies giggle, and they were desperate to touch, pet, and play with him! It was so adorable (Ryan especially would laugh so hard he would fall over, he loved Jack so much!)

We went back to Logi, Min, & Cuppycake's and the day took an unexpected turn that changed our lives forever. Take a look...

Overall, it was a fun and exciting day. The beginning of what I hope will be many more zoo adventures!

Our first trip to the Zoo!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Alethea, new you were ready ry guy is right behind you I am sure. Love you all, Gigi

Kelsey said...

EEEEKKKK!!!! Allie figured out how to walk??? That is amazing!! I seriously got goosebumps! :) Love her to pieces!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! I was so enthused and loving the zoo and the awesome pictures fo the kids thinking how much better can things get and THEN there is Allie clipping along---a real bounce in her steps!! How fun, fun, fun!! Great-grandpa laughed out loud in delight! Yes, the moment changes things forever--a whole new page to your lives! Congrats!! Lots of love and hugs, G-gran

Anonymous said...

If those animals would have had half the energy that Jack has we would have seen a better show! Looking at those kids with the walking toys reminds me that tomorrow maybe just maybe Ry-guy will get a baby boy cousin if not he is really going to be out numbered especially when Morgan is there also. Girl Power!!! Nana just wants healthy!! Love all the new blogs are so good at keeping everyone part of their lives. Bless You!!

Lauren and Jeff said...

Such a fun day at the zoo and then the excitement of first steps! I love seeing her wobble, side step and then plop down! Very cute!