March 14, 2010

Moving Day

I had visions of what our moving day would look like. Everything would be packed (and most of the cleaning would be done). I would drop the babies off with the Kims and get back in time to welcome our helpers. In no time the truck would be loaded and the cleaning done. We could take our time saying goodbye and then hit the road - making it to our first stop with plenty of time to spare.

The Chaos (after a lot had been cleaned and packed!)
It wasn't like that at all. I WAY overestimeate how much I could get done with 2 babies around (even with help!), and we weren't completely fact, I discovered after they started taking things out of the house that I actually had a lot more left than I thought. Thankfully, our helpers were not shy about loading up what was left, and they dove right in. Bless them. I also was late getting the babies over to stay with the Kims (so they wouldn't be in the middle of all of the moving), and Lucas had some problems getting the truck, so Lucas was gone and I was actually running out the door as everyone was arriving. Thankfully, our helpers were all experienced movers and knew what to do without us being there to direct them! With the errands I still had to run it was 1 1/2 hrs before I managed to get back, and everything was taken care of and in good hands. We were so blessed to have so many great friends there to help us.
Chris takes apart the crib while his lovely assistant looks on!
The girls workin' the runway :)
Dillon was there (at least, that's what it said on our boxes)

We were so thankful to not only have help finishing the packing and loading the truck, but also cleaning! While, at the beginning it felt like we would never finish, the many hands helped things really move along, and as the afternoon was coming to a close we all stood in an empty and (fairly) clean apartment. Although, somehow, even though the apartment was completely empty, it didn't feel like we were actually leaving. It didn't feel like that was the last time I was going to be there...

The guys loading the big stuff in the truck

Jen & Elizabeth, 2 of my biggest cleaning helpers

John takes a break to talk to the photographer while Rob tries to figure out how to fit in the boxes.

Rob - Master Packer
Then it was time to say goodbyes. We had to get on the road because we had to make it to Albany that night. This rushed the goodbyes somewhat, but (as someone who HATES goodbyes), it helped me not to linger. And, again, it didn't feel like I was saying felt like I would see them next week at church...

The babies having fun with Gigi & the Kims...

Ryan was without pants for a little while because he was so quick and squirmy that they couldn't get them back on after changing his diaper!

No matter what she was doing, Allie would pause to pose for the camera!

As you can see, they did eventually catch him and get his pants on!

We hit the road and had an uneventful trip to fact, the entire trip (split up over 3 days) was uneventful. The babies traveled exceptionally well, we made great time (especially considering that we had the truck slowing us down), and there were no major catastrophes...all the prayers for a safe & uneventful move were answered!

Monday morning we loaded up and set out on the last leg of the trip to our new home!!

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Anonymous said...

So many memmories, good friends, a cherished first home for your first babies!! Sad and joy mixed into one! God had you all circled in His hands and was with you every new mile you took. And now new memories to be made!! Have a wonderful 1st birthday celebration this week. Will be looking for pictures! Had a great time with your Mom and Dad celebrating my big 70 today--he made awesome chicken! Family and friends made it a treasured couple of days! G-gran