January 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

Due to a nasty stomach bug, I wasn't able to finish the last 2 posts of December. We made it so far into January, that I wasn't going to go back and do these posts. But then I found these pictures on my camera, and I liked them (and the night), so I decided to post just 1...

My parents got married 3 days after Christmas. So, when we are together for the holidays, we always try to make sure our time includes their anniversary to celebrate together. This year, Lucas and I decided they needed to go to a restaurant that used to be one of our favorite places to celebrate an anniversary. The Melting Pot.
Dad & Mom enjoying yummy things dipped in chocolate!
I have to say that this meal goes into my top 5 meals of all time. I have enjoyed every meal I've had at the Melting Pot (all 3...), but this one was especially delicious. I have never heard so many yummy noises during a meal! Every bite was scrumptious. I was sad (albeit VERY full) when it was over.

Lucas and I check to see if our yummy treats are ready.
I'm pretty sure that this was 31 years for my parents. I'm so lucky (really, Lucas and I are both so lucky) to have parents with long-lasting marriages whom we can model. When asked by the waitress the secret to so many years of marriage, my parents had a hard time coming up with an answer. They made a few jokes about being too afraid of life alone, but I know their secret - always having each other's backs, always communicating and working things out, remembering (even when fighting) that they love each other, and having God as their center.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Note: This was the only picture I got with both of their eyes opened, and they were laughing so hard they could barely control it :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good time and 1 of our top meals too. Altho the people you share it with is what makes it great. Thanks for the wonderful evenning.Papa & Gigi or mom and dad

Anonymous said...

We have only been to the Melting Pot once with Grant and Loralee but it was wonderful..So much fun, great food, especially great desserts but oh so expensive. Thank you Grant :) Happy Anniversary Papa & Gigi and many more!

Anonymous said...

What a happy picture of the anniversary couple!! Our December marrieds! Lots of happy years to come Steve and Carla. So very much love and prayers always, Mom