April 24, 2010

There is No Place Like Nebraska: Part 1

1 full week and 331 pictures later there is too much to share! In an attempt to share the highlights without overwhelming, I'm going to divide our trip into parts, and mostly show pictures. We have been able to have some quality time with my extended family. Seeing them was the main purpose for this trip, and the time (which is never enough) was such a blessing. Here are a few pictures:

Ryan has a heart-to-heart with Great Grandma
4 generations standing by the sign for our family business. 1 generation started the business. 3 generations have worked there (2 work there currently). 1 generation will work there someday!
Their first ride on the merry-go-round with Papa, Gigi, and my cousins (who you can't see in this picture).
(L-R, back-front) Cousins Courtney, Christina, me, Ashley, Brandey, Brother Nic, Uncle Jon & Aunt Phyllis
2 generations of twins (I have changed the diapers of both!)
Ryan enjoys some time playing with the big boys (pictured here with my youngest cousin!)
Allie takes a break from reading with my cousin H to pose for the camera.
My cousin D was quick to bond with the babies.
Ry-guy makes sure Great Grandpa is watching.
Allie & Great Grandma
I have (no joke) a hundred more pictures, but these are a few of the highlights. It was truly a joy to spend time with my family, and to introduce my babies to them. Hopefully, we will see them much more often in the future! We love you guys!

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Anonymous said...

Kim ...I looked at these pictures 20 times or more. Has Allie and Ryan really changed that much since I've seen them. They look so much older in these pictures. Especially Allie. She has changed the most to me. I love the picture in front of the business. How cool is that??? G-gran and great papa look like they are lovin these babies. For sure Gigi and papa are!!! Glad you are having a good vacation. I think Lucas is getting alot done at home. I bet he is missing you guys so much though. Thanks for the blog and pics. Nana