October 03, 2010

Sunday at Triple F

This afternoon, we made another trip to Flavor Fruit Farms - a local hot spot. Sunday afternoons are big there with live music, a moon bounce, pony rides, first responder vehicles, and an elephant! We went to see the elephant...but got there too late. Unfortunately, the elephant is only there during their naptime. We still managed to have fun with what was there!
The twinners say "hello" to their old friend!
Note: the graham cracker in Ryan's hand was pig food within minutes!
Allie was happy to stay with the animals.
My favorite Allie moment of the day: We were looking at the chickens and I said, "Say, 'Hi, chickens!'" and she quickly and clearly yelled, "Hi, chickens!" I almost fell over!
Ryan desperately wanted to get over to check out the ambulance, police care, and fire engine!
Note: When Allie came to check out the ambulance (which Ryan was exploring), Ryan came over and gave her a shove. Had I not been there to catch her, she would have fallen out. It was the first instance of a very possessive patterm he showed throughout the day...
We found the pumpkins and the twins wanted to try picking them up.
Allie was upset because Daddy wouldn't let go!
Ryan was proud of his incredible strength.
Ryan decided to play in one of the pumpkin crates.
My favorite Ryan moment: When we loaded up to leave, there was a cat in our garage. It immediately ran away, and Ryan was torn between chasing the cat and listening to us tell him not to leave the garage. Seeing his struggle I said, "Are you looking for the cat?" he nodded his head yes (lately, he's only shaken it no for EVERYTHING, so this was big!). I asked, "Do you see it?" he shook his head no (with a very sad expression). Knowing this cat frequents our garage I told him, "I'm pretty sure she'll be back." He turned to me and held up his hands and shrugged his shoulders (which is usually what he does to say "where is it?" or "I don't know."). We had a conversation!
Allie runs through the pumpkins.
Allie checks out the flower beds by the farmhouse.
Okay, so actually she chased the peacock over there, and then didn't know what to do or where to go!
Ryan runs out toward the orchard.
He was actually running toward to boys playing football...he really wanted to get in on the game!
The best picture I caught of the two of them.

We have a big week ahead. Papa & Gigi are coming to visit. A new baby cousin should be arriving any minute! We're meeting Uncle Nic's girlfriend's parents...so much going on! I'm sure there will be many pictures and posts for the upcoming week!


Anonymous said...

sounds like they did better over all. like the pictures you captured them well.Gigi

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or do the twins look SO old in these pictures! What is going on? Love the pumpkin pictures. Remember last year in the pumpkin patch, Allie crying so hard and Ry looking at her. I loved that picture. Looks like you had fun. We had excitment at our house last night around 12:30 am. Woke up to fire smell. Finally called the police at 1:00 to make sure it wasn't a gas problem. Police said we should call Heating Co. emergency number so we did. We had a broken furnance motor that kept turning until it died which made the horrible smell through out our house. Very tired this morning. New furnace on the way. I'm sure Mindy will go into labor today :) Nana

Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness!!! Love this post!! Good talking, Allie!! That is fantastic! They look absolutely adorable in these pictures, Kim! I miss you guys so much! So glad you guys can find stuff like this to take the twins to.

Anonymous said...

That was so fun to see the kids at a place that we had been with them and it's obvious their verbal skills are growing--what fun! It was neat that we 'know' the pigs! It is a wonderful place and too bad that you missed out on the elephant again! Maybe next time! Have a super, super time with your Mom and Dad who are so eager to see their sweeties!! Grandma

Kim for the Kings said...

My goodness, Kim! Your kids are just as adorable as ever! I love following their developments via your blog!