October 09, 2010

Friday Fun with Family & Friends

Sorry for the title. I'm such a sucker for alliteration! But Friday we did have a lot of fun with family and friends! In the morning we decided on a spur of the moment trip to the zoo - where we were joined by Nana & Poppy! Sadly, I have no pictures to document this event because it was so spur of the moment that I rushed out of the house without my camera. Doh!
In the evening, we went to the local homecoming parade with our neighbor friends and their kids. This parade was full of hometown pride and charm with fire engines, theme floats, homecoming candidates in cool cars (or loaded pickups!), girl scouts, horses, and lots of candy! It was a blast!
Ryan riding to the parade on Papa's shoulders.
Ry-guy meets, and loves, the mascot.
Allie & E check out each other's flowers (passed out by the local florist!)
Sweet Girl.
After the parade we stopped at the local library. You may or may not have heard about my quest for a library. I had tried a couple of other ones in the bigger towns surrounding ours, but they charged for out of county/township cards! I wasn't willing to pay and decided to keep searching when someone mentioned this library (at most 10 minutes away)! It is small, but it has a great kids' area with:
beanbag chairs
and a small craft station!
They are connected to all of the Michigan libraries with an inter-library loan system - which means pretty much any resource I might desire is at my fingertips! It feels so good to have a supplier for free entertainment! They don't have any story hours, but my friend and I figure that between us (and a few other friends we might be able to talk into joining us...) we could start our own! It is definitely going to be a popular winter destination!
We seriously had to drag them away because the library was closing!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I lost what I wrote!! It happens. Anyway, what a joy to find the library and continue sharing books with your kids. You have given them a great love for books. When they start talking fluently you will be surprised at the words that pop up from your reading times together!! Good job! Grandma