October 21, 2010

Silly Mommy!

I've been a mom of twins for a little over year and a half now. And a mom of mobile twins for somewhere around a year of that time. I've had quick, curious toddlers for several months. I'm no rookie. Yet, somehow I made the biggest rookie mistake of them all. The number one rule is that QUIET = TROUBLE, but today I somehow forgot that rule.
I was checking my e-mail. Trying to get out one last reply. I was so focused on quickly typing said e-mail that I didn't notice that ry-guy (who had been playing, with his sister, right in front of me in the living room) had snuck off to their room. I didn't notice him come back. I didn't even notice any lack of sound until there was a cough. I looked up, at the sound of the cough, and saw this:
Since I had been baking bread all day (a total disaster, but that is another story for another time), I thought he had somehow reached the flour. It was as I was getting up to check that I saw this:
and then followed a trail of white powder to their bedroom where I found this:
I frequently use cornstarch in my battles against their diaper rash, and often forget to put the lid on the container (or don't get it on very tightly). I'm still not exactly sure how he managed to reach it, but he knocked it off the dresser, carried it to the living room, and proceeded to dump it on himself, the carpet, and his sister. Thank goodness it won't kill them because they both tried eating it (see the white powder around her mouth?)!
My response? Initially it was sort of a breathless, panicked "No! Oh, no!" But looking at my powdered pair, I knew that it was my fault (THIS is the reason why I try to stay off the computer when they are awake...), and they did look pretty cute. So we laughed!

I wish I could say that I learned my lesson and this will be the last time something like this happens, but I feel fairly positive that my next "silly mommy" moment is probably not far around the corner!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim....this is way too funny. At least they weren't allergic to it :)
It could have been so much worse. I think what one don't think of the other will. You have double trouble. I'm glad you shared this. Was it hard to get off the carpet? Well, enjoy your time at Aunt LaLa's and Uncle Grants. Have some fun and relax. Let the parents to be, chase after them for awhile. Hugs...Nana

Kim said...

It wasn't hard to get out of the carpet at all...which I knew from the time I spilled half a container on the floor! Probably why I didn't get upset, I knew that a quick vacuuming would take care of it :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to parent world, Nana's right you have double trouble and to bright tots to encourage each other. love you all, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Like father, like son. That reminds me of the time that his father poured baby powder down the opening of our very first VCR.


Anonymous said...

Oh Dan, I forgot about that. He totally destroyed our vcr with powder. That seemed like a million years ago.

Melanie said...

Oh I love the toddler rights of passage. And the diaper rash powder/ointment happens to the best of us. You are right about QUIET = TROUBLE. If you learn that now, you will be ahead of the game. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more silly mommy moments.

Kim said...

Honestly, I'm waiting for the toilet paper rite of passage. It seems like every mom has a story to tell of how their 2 year old did something with toilet paper (unrolled it all over the bathroom, dipped it in the water and threw it against the wall, etc.)!