October 10, 2010

Let's Go Blue!

Where's Daddy? I don't know!
Maybe watching the football game?
Oh, yeah! Silly me! I can hear the fight song playing!
Oh, my head! Today is a big game! How could we forget? We ARE silly!
That's right. Today was the Michigan vs. Michigan State game, and since the Huskers played on Thursday we were able to all be united in our team apparel and support! Since I happened to be gone, daddy carefully dressed them in their Michigan gear. Unfortunately, we've done too good of a job teaching the twins to hold their hands up for touchdowns and cheer for our team because Ryan did it for everything - no matter which team! Also, unfortunately, our team lost despite our united front :( Oh, well. We can't win 'em all.
The only decent picture I was able to catch of them both. We are going to pretend that they are trying to hold hands...instead of pushing and pinching to be the first through the door!


Anonymous said...

Oh fun, Now we get to see the gold!! Such darling pictures of the twins! It was really neat that this week we got 2 separate game days so you had both your teams honored this week. Such darling cheeleaders!! Life is good. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Love the way you did this blog Kim. I love the captions under each picture. Super Cute!! Yay Team ...Go Blue and sometimes RED. :) Hugs from Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

Sorry, Lucas. I think the twins are bad luck for the maize and blue. Guess you'll just have to let them be Huskers after all! ;)