October 29, 2010

We've Been Booed!

On Sunday we returned from church to find a plastic pumpkin on our doorstep full of all kinds of goodies. We had been Booed! While it contained all kinds of yummy goodies, the twins couldn't have most of it (partly because of allergies, partly because I don't like them to eat a lot of - or any - candy, mostly because it was full of daddy's favorites and he didn't want to share!), it also had this fun, decorative trim inside. As you can see, this provided endless entertainment and took on various forms!

Then we had 24 hours to secretly Boo a few neighbors! So much fun!

Head on over to beenbooed.com to see how you can start some similar fun in your neighborhood. Feel like it's too late? No worries, wait until December and give someone a jingle instead!


Anonymous said...

Yay another blog!!! I know your love for fall...just to let you know they are letting the kids decorate cookies out at Knaebe's tomorrow. Yummy cookies :( maybe next year. XO Nana

Anonymous said...

Such cute photos!!!! What a fun tradition! You have a neat neighborhood! Keep enjoying, Grandma