October 30, 2010

Java Jungle

My triathalon friends and I started a local Moms' Group with alternating weeks of book discussion (with free childcare!) and playgroup. This week our playgroup decided to go on a trip to Java Jungle! I cannot even begin to describe to you how big and awesome this place is, but if you go to their home page you can see some pictures that do a better job! The kids had a BLAST, and were exhausted when we got home!
B saying hi from one of the observation bubbles above.
The twins spent a lot of their time in the toddler area where they were perfectly able to climb up and then go down the slides by themselves! This offered the rare opportunity to get a picture of them together!
The large "jungle" was built for adults to be able to accompany their kids through. This is awesome because only B was really old enough to go through by himself, but ALL of the kids wanted to try the giant maze of tunnels, rope ladders, bridges, slides, zipline, etc.!!
E with her Daddy.
For the most part, the big jungle was a little old for the twins. Although Ryan had mastered the rope ladders by his 3rd time through, neither twin liked them because their feet slipped through. They needed help to navigate the majority of the maze, and Allie had a meltdown her 2nd time through and wanted out immediately...while we were at the top...with no way down but going through some tunnels, across some rope, and down a slide...none of which she wanted to do!
Mommy following Allie.
Daddy checking to see if there is another way out :)
It was still an awesome place and I'm hoping we can make another trip there sometime during the l-o-n-g winter when we need to exert some serious energy!


Anonymous said...

Hi again, how wonderful to find a place to enjoy when the weather is bad. It's so great that you have made a lot of family friends. It makes your town feel more like home. Isn't it amazing that one can move and not know a single soul and then in time there are many people who are like family!! Life is good, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!! Poor Allie, I bet it was like being on a scary carnival ride and wanting it over and seems like forever. Glad they had a slide, they love those. Hugs from Nana