April 25, 2010

There is No Place Like Nebraska: Part 3

It has been an incredible pleasure for me to also have the opportunity to see some of my friends who live here. It has been years since I have seen them, and it was such a joy to catch up and reconnect.

One of the friends, Kelsey, I have known literally all my life and she is the closest I have ever had to a sister. It was wonderful not only to see her, but to have the twins meet their honorary auntie :) She also featured some of her pictures from the trip on her blog!

Ryan knows flattery will get you everywhere with a cute girl, and complementing her accessories is a good way to start...

Allie pauses to pose for the camera with Kelsey

Gotta love a self portrait!

My friend Anna from high school! (we did not coordinate the matching outfits!)

One of my greatest pleasures was attending the church where I grew up (and seeing the kids of people I played with when I was a kid!). Unfortunately, my hands were too full to get any pictures, but the opportunity to see people who were like extended family as I was growing up was a priceless treasure!

We leave first thing tomorrow morning. We would definitely appreciate your prayers for our trip! We have so enjoyed our time in Nebraska, but are looking forward to going home!


Grace (Northgraves) said...

These are such great pictures! They are so adorable!! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Nebraska but we did miss seeing you :)

Kim said...

I missed seeing you too! What a bummer. Maybe you'll be back ?? :)

Kelsey said...

Yay! You got those pictures up, too! I'll send you mine as soon as I get home. I forgot last night. I hope your trip home goes as smoothly as the trip out did!! Praying for you guys! Love you!