April 01, 2010

A Stroke of Brilliance

As you know, the twins were pretty sick yesterday (Wednesday). Normally, a day where they are both sick is pretty stressful because they both want mommy, neither wants to share mommy, and mommy ends up leaving them in their exersaucers most of the day because if she tries to hold them they fight each other (and the guilt just flows because I want to cuddle and care for them). But yesterday I had an epiphany...

Ryan, tired and miserable as he was, refused to take his morning nap when Allie did...but 20 minutes after she woke up he was ready to go down. Usually I'm pretty strict about keeping them on the same schedule (for my sanity), but I realized that, if I staggered their naps, they would both be able to nap in their cribs (I usually separate them and one has to nap in a pack n play...which I feel guilty about when they are sick), and I could give the awake baby my undivided attention. So we tried it and it worked perfectly! While one baby peacefully slept, I was able to devote myself completely to the other - cuddling, reading, playing (although play was minimal as they were both pretty miserable), and then when the sleeping baby woke up we switched (they both took 3 naps roughly 1-1/12 hrs. long - they really didn't feel well!). I didn't have any down time for myself, but they were so happy to get so much undivided attention that they cried much less than they usually do when they are sick - which made me much less stressed - and the lessened guilt at the end of the day was totally worth it!

Another bright idea...Ryan is overflowing from his eyes, his nose, his mouth, but not drinking as much as he usually does (I think the stuffiness makes it hard). After a diaper that was not as wet as I would like, I started putting water in a medicine syringe to give to him. He LOVES taking medicine and always gets upset that I won't give him more, so he is really enjoying being able to come to me any time he wants, open his mouth, and get some "medicine." Granted, I can only give it 5 ml at a time, but it's better than nothing! Bonus: Allie got jealous and now she is taking the "medicine" too! Extra fluids for all!

We did go to the Pediatrician today (I was having trouble getting Ry-guy's temp below 101.7... they wanted to check him out). Apparently, there is a viral infection going around where they run a fever between 102-104 for 2-3 days (which they have done), and then the fever leaves and they develop a nasty cough (which is most likely coming in a day or so). But the doctor said we are doing everything we should be doing, and they should be fine. Also, having a chance to go to the pedi office, see how it runs, and meet one of the pediatricians (their primary physician was out of town) was very comforting. I'm actually very pleased, and think this practice was a very good choice. What a relief!!

And for the Grandparents' peace of mind: the twins are doing MUCH better. They slept better last night (Ryan woke up once and we were able to get him back to sleep within 10 minutes. Allie slept until 6 am!), and their fevers have been much lower today (in fact, I just checked and Allie was normal and Ryan was only 99.6!!). Plus, they are playing today (which is a HUGE difference from yesterday). They are definitely on the road to recovery :)


Anonymous said...

Praise God!! Getting well babies! That is so sweet that you took turns with them so each got personal cuddle time. I had the same thing with Paul and Pat as Paul was still a 'baby' and wasn't ready to stop sharing my lap so I often had both and they just don't like to share, do they, especially if the don't feel well. But you do need your 'me' time, Kim. Very important. Waiting with open arms to see you soon!!!!! G-gran

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear good news!! It must be hard with twins and giving that special attention to a sick baby. But as always leave it to Kim to come up with the best ideas. They are so lucky to have their mommy who loves them so so much. And daddy too!! Nana prayed last night for sleep and no temps. Thank you Lord!!! Hugs from Nana