April 11, 2010

Only 1 Week Late...

This post was SUPPOSED to be full of pictures from our Easter weekend - the kiddos dying eggs at the church on Friday, the big Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, our Saturday reunion with a few friends from college (and their kiddos), the twins in their Easter outfits, with their Easter basket, going to their first Easter service (they were too small to go last year)... This post was SUPPOSED to be full of stories and descriptions from said events, but also of the services (Lucas' first passion week on his own!), the wonderful dinner (the first time we were going to stray from our usual Easter pizza), and the bunny cake that was going to be our new tradition...

The twins in their"Easter Outfits" (a.k.a. what they actually wore instead of their church outfits)

Yes, this is a picture of Allie taking an un-aided step!

We were so excited about our first real Easter (because last year they were so tiny - only home from the hospital for a few weeks). I was so excited to go to some Easter services (I was SUPPOSED to take the twins to Good Friday and Easter morning) because last year I couldn't go. There were so many plans.

Until we got this nasty plague. ALL of us. And so the twins and I stayed away from the egg dying and service on Friday (in an attempt not to pass along the nastiness), and we didn't go to the Easter Egg Hunt or the picnic with our friends from college. We cancelled the Easter dinner, and I chose lying on the couch and moaning over making bunny cake. Lucas is, of course, at the services (since they wouldn't exist without him), but I am missing yet another year :( And I decided that the Easter outfits can wait for another Sunday (partly because no one wants to be dressed up when they are sick and partly because I don't want to get the massive amounts of mucous all over their nice outfits!).

Ryan playing with his sister's Easter bucket from Papa & Gigi

Allie loving on the soothing seahorse Nana got her

I do have a few pictures from today, so we can chronicle this Easter. Because, ultimately, it doesn't matter if we participate in all of the fun events, or celebrate with friends and family, or attend all of the services. The general merriment of this holiday isn't what makes it so wonderful. What makes it wonderful is that HE IS RISEN!!! And despite the runny noses, barking coughs, and other cruminess we are all feeling, I take great joy in remembering what my savior has done for me.

An enthusiastic Easter meal...

Note: While they look terrible in these pictures, know that we all went to church this Sunday. Allie looks perfectly fine (still has an occassional cough), Ryan still has a hint of a runny nose (and the persistent cough), I have a cough and sound terrible (although I felt better today than I have in a l-o-n-g time). So don't feel too badly for us because we really are better!


Anonymous said...

Are these old pictures from Easter weekend or are they now? I'm hoping that they are from when I saw them at Easter. So sad but you are right....the real meaning of Easter over rides any missing Easter activites. Please babies get better...Nana can't stand to see you sick and Poppy, and Gigi and Papa and all the aunts and uncles too. Oh and Great Grandma's and Grandpa's too!!! Hugs and more Hugs to get better. Nana

maggen said...

I LOVE the penguins! they made me smile. :o)

I'm so glad that you and the twins are doing better, but even happier that admist plans that were not what you had hopped... HE IS RISEN is still what you celebrated :o)

Love to you all!

Lauren and Jeff said...

The babies really do look pitiful in these pictures. Give them (and yourself - seriously) lots of hugs from us. Lucas - hang in there.

Love ~ Indy Cousins