April 15, 2010


A few snapshots (and 1 video) of our last few days:

Trying on our helmets

Our first bike ride

Look who learned to turn!

Helping Daddy practice guitar

Playing while Mommy packs

Enjoying the pieces of cake that stuck to the pan

We leave first thing in the morning for Nebraska! Exciting adventures and pictures to follow, I'm sure :)


Lauren and Jeff said...

Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

My oh my!!!! Are we ever looking forward to hugging and just feasting our eyes on those darling kids!!!!!!!! And of course their precious Mommy as well!! Love and prayers and safe and fun time getting here. G-gran

Anonymous said...

See how excited I am!! Posted twice!!! G-gran

Anonymous said...

G-Gran have a great time! They are such special miracle babies...I'm going to miss them and I'm sure I will be heading down after they get home. Last time I was there everyone was so sick, I just cleaned and did errands. No time to hug or even hold them. :(
I hope you guys have such a great time while they are in NE. Make sure we see pictures!!! Hugs Nana
Thanks for the pics Kim they are great!