April 25, 2010

There is No Place Like Nebraska: Part 2

We planned many adventures, but between visiting family & friends, Papa & Gigi showing the babies off where they work, Gigi getting sick, and the unpredictable weather - most of them didn't work out. It's ok because we were exhausted enough from everything we already crammed in! We have managed to have a lot of fun, and here are a FEW of the pictures of our adventures while visiting Papa & Gigi.
The twinners fought to be in Papa's lap, so he entertained them both :)
On one rainy day we took them to the church for a change of scenery (& toys). They spent the majority of the time walking around the Family Center with the push toys they found.
Papa enjoys seeing the world through new eyes as Ry-guy checks out a tree at the park.
Gigi & Allie enjoy one of the twins' favorite past-times.
Allie has spent most of her awake time cruising around the house with her walk 'n' ride.
Ryan loved turning the singing bunny on and off...and on...and off...and on...and, well, you get the picture!
Papa & I thought there was a break in the weather for us to take the twins to the park. We had a great time (even met 12 year old twins who played on the swings with us!), but a sudden shower cut our time short. With no place to take shelter, we had a very wet walk home (which the twins enjoyed). An adventure to remember for sure!

p.s. There are more pictures of Papa than Gigi because Gigi has been sick (and who wants to be photographed when they are sick?), but we have had a fabulous time playing with Gigi as well :)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know where Allie got that blue dress but she looks adorable in that outfit. And Ry with the bunny....how cute is that. I miss them so much. They really have grown since their birthday party. I see curls in both of their hair too. Could it be???? Have a safe trip home. Are you going all the way. I thought Lucas told me you were going to be home Monday night. Safe travels and God Bless.
Nana in MI :(