July 25, 2011

Wouldn't You Know It...

Wouldn't you know it. Wifi where we are staying. Free time to blog. But my USB chord was somehow left at home and I can't get my pictures off my camera! Since this could be a problem soon (you know how many pictures I take...my camera is going to run out of memory to hold them all!), I am going to try to borrow from someone. In the meantime, a few pictures from my phone.

The twins an I took a trip down Memory Lane last night. Remember this day? And this picture:
More pics and story to come, but I did snap this picture to recreate a fond memory :)
Notice the vice-like grip I have on them? That is because Ryan kept asking me if he could "go down da waterfall?" No way! The grandparents would never forgive me!

Then we went to our favorite park. The place where they had their first ride in the swings! Remember the pictures?

Once again, I couldn't help recreating a memory:

And the twins cooperated so well! Ryan looked serious and off to the side (just like before!), and Allie smiling and dressed in all pink! Do I know how to re-create or what?! We also drove by our old home (the first home they ever knew *sob*). I wanted to take a walk through the cemetery where I used to take them, and walk to our grocery store, and hit the Dunkin' Donuts, and pretend that I lived there again. But there wasn't the time, and I knew I didn't need to try harder to make myself feel sad & nostalgic!

WAYYYYYYYY more pictures & stories to come as soon as I can get them off my camera!


Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!! I remember your home, walking in the cemetery, going to Dunkin Donuts, etc. We had such a great time there. How sweet that you got back to walk some of the same steps again! Won't be long and we'll be seeing you!!!!!!! Grandma

Anonymous said...

what a nice surprise.. didn't expect a blog. i remember all those pictures. see'in the house must have been hard. so happy you guys are having a fun time out there. but...we miss you here too. Nana is in ohio until friday then going home and enjoying the Nautical Festival with LL and Hudson. Let us know when you are back. HUGS to all!!