July 30, 2011

I Think I'll Go to Boston!

That song has been playing in my head for weeks. I've even sang it out loud (not well...which you will quickly realize if you happen to hear the twins imitate me!). Back in January, the denomination's only recommendation, when presenting Lucas for ordination, was that he take a seminar to learn more about the history of the Congregational Church. The seminar happened to be in Boston. They and the church would chip in. I cried (tears of joy) when I found out. I was in the midst of an intense bout of homesickness for this place and the people there I loved. Now that I think about it, this song might have been playing in my head since then...
Our first night there, we had a bbq with all of the youth, youth helpers, and their families (thanks to John & the Hopes!). Words cannot express the joy of being with this group again! It was not only a great chance to see a LOT of the people we wanted to see all at once, but an opportunity to actually have quality time with a few (there wasn't enough time with anyone...).
At Lucas' request we took a group picture. Thankfully, the person with my camera snapped a few pictures of us all getting together.

The whole gang!
It was the perfect beginning to an incredible week of seeing people we love and miss. Much more on that to come!


Anonymous said...

Love all the gang!! yay what fun. I bet you were not happy to come home yet. Glad you are safe and off the busy roads. Hugs, miss ya all= Nana

Anonymous said...

Recognized some faces in the picture too. that was fun to be able to do. can understand you missing them. glad your home safe too. Now get better after all your bites. with love, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Having 3 major moves, I know how it feels. 2 were from towns we didn't have family there. one so far out of the way we were back only once. One really, really misses those 'brothers, sisters, Moms, and Dads' in Christ. They all become family. The sweet thing is: no matter where one goes, soon there are new people who become dear to our hearts. Grandma