July 13, 2011

Swim Lessons!

Since we live near a lake, and my children love the water, I thought it would be a good idea to get them in swim lessons. It would help them get more comfortable with water & practice things like kicking, paddling, floating, and going under in a controlled environment. Thanks to my fabulous friend (who did all the leg work to find a class), the twinners have been going to swim lessons this week with their friends!
Each morning we start with "Ring Around the Rosey" to get us used to "falling down" in the water - getting a different part of our face wet each time (this is Ryan's least favorite part of class).
They were a little clingy this morning...
Then we do different activities like:
Kicking with the kick boards!
Floating on our backs & kicking!
Various "circle" activities (this one is floating on our backs & kicking, but we also work on blowing bubbles or practicing paddling or bouyouncy).
There are a lot of other activities that make up the 30 minutes class - being monkey's (holding onto the edge and moving side-to-side), jumping, going down the slide (a little slide set next to the pool - a total favorite) - are some of them.
But the all-time favorite, for my kids, is throwing the ducks and swimming to get them. They talk about it all dayIt is pretty much all they want to do when we get there. They love the ducks!
The instructor (Miss Katie) is fabulous. They are having a blast. The price was incredibly reasonable. The only down side is that they will only get one week of the 2 week course :( They are enjoying it so much that I'm bummed they will miss out on the last 3 lessons. Oh, well. There's always next year!


Lauren and Jeff said...

We've been talking about taking Morgan for swim lessons. I hope we can find one that is as fun as yours looks!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. Even though the lessons are done,you learned a lot of things to help them on your own to improve those skills. It's vital when kids have access to water to give them every opportunity to learn how to deal with an emergency. It was fun and very valuable! Way to go! Grandma

Anonymous said...

cute pictures and I remember them telling about the ducks. Gigi

Kim said...

Lauren, come up and spend 2 weeks with us :) Then Morgan can take lessons with the twins!