July 11, 2011


Saturday was a day full of party-hopping & celebrating. For me at least. In the morning I hopped over to Ann Arbor to attend a Bridal Shower/tea for my soon-to-be Sister-friend. It was a fabulous shower (well-done to her friend who planned the event), and I had a great time getting to know some of her family & friends (and therefore getting to know her a little better). BUT...I forgot my camera. Left it sitting on the counter. Which means I didn't get a single picture. Sad day.

Thankfully, Lucas remembered to take the camera with him to Cousin Cuppycake's Party (which is where I hopped next)! Because I would have cried if I didn't have any photo documentation of her turning 2 (especially since we missed the party last year...).

The party was outdoors & there was a fabulous pool which the twins couldn't resist playing in before we put on their suits...
Soon there were cups involved...
Then pots...
And then we decided the prudent thing was to just put on their suits & let them get in!
Cuppycake with her cupcakes.
Pretty soon it was present time!
note: this was not our present. I somehow took a picture of (I think) every single present she got EXCEPT for ours!
During cake & presents Ryan and Allie stayed busy & barely seemed to notice (which made me happy because they couldn't have the cupcakes!)
Ry-guy stayed with the other boys in the pool.
Allie hit Nana up for some bubbles.
Pretty soon, however, Cuppycake became less interested in un-wrapping & more interested in playing with the toys. Allie was there & ready to step in and help!
Sweet Baby D (herself close to leaving babyhood & stepping into toddler-dom), was there. But somehow I didn't get to hold her. Not once. I just took pictures of her (like this one) from afar. And you better believe a missed opportunity to hold my niece makes me pout :)
Ry-guy didn't spend a single minute (aside from eating) away from the toys! He swam, climbed, slid (slided? slode?), and had a ball :)
Nana & Lil Grandma came home with us for the rest of the weekend (a few pictures from that to come). This summer seems full of celebrations big & small, and this weekend condensed them into a small, super fun time :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, some precious photos!!!! Have you ever tried a tiny bite with the twins of their allergy foods? Paul had hives as big as saucers (1/2 inch thick) from tomatoes, berries of every kind, but when he was about 2 I gave him tiny bites with no bad results and added a bit more until he was able to eat those foods. I'm sure every case is different. Love and prayers, Grandma

Kim said...

We have. The milk allergy is gone (hooray!), but the egg allergy is still very much here. Teeny amounts in baked goods bring on hives :( Coconut & cilantro were recently added to ry-guy's list as well...

Anonymous said...

Yay! That helps a lot that they can drink regular milk and hopefully the egg allergy will leave in time, too. One can live without coconut and cilantro easy enough, but the eggs present a tough one as they are contained in so many things. It's getting to be count down time to see those precious ones again!!!! Yay! Grandma

Anonymous said...

Fun party...but like Kim I felt like it happened so fast. Most of the party I was inside taking care of baby D, which wasn't all that bad cause it was so stinkin hot outside. Unless you were swimming in the pool you were blistering hot. It was a nice party but here and gone. Glad we were able to go home with Lucas and Kim and the twins to settle down for the rest of the weekend. Hugs from Nana