May 04, 2010


Here are a few pictures from the last couple days:
Ry-guy finally has enough hair for crazy bedhead!!

Allie lookin' like she's ready for her first sock hop!

Dipping our feet into our lake for the first time. We were at the beach just off of the nearby playground. I have waterbabies! They both loved it (so much that I have a lot of sandy feet & clothing to wash!).

Allie has been perfecting her walking skills. She can now stand up and start in the middle of a room, turn corners, and dance in a circle. By the end of today she was refusing to crawl, and if she fell she popped right back up and kept walking. Ry-guy wants to try it too, but is still a bit unsure. We'll see how long it takes (I'm in no hurry!).


Anonymous said...

Ry guy now is going to look like Gigi in the mornings. Allie looks adorable in that outfit. she sounds like her mom always wanting to get better at the new progress she made. Watch those babies close if they like the water. You kids always liked it too. the pictures are adorable thanks. Gigi

Anonymous said...

NO more baldy Ry-Guy!! You the MAN little buddy!! And Nana loves you and all your crazy hair!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Allie looks so grown up when she's standing!!! Love Ryan's hairdo! Such gorgeous kids. Have a super great day! G-gran

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm trying to pass time. In 2 hours Courtney will be giving her Salutatorian speech!! The day is here!!! She is such an awesome Christian sweetheart. Such a joy to watch her grow like I did you, Kim. It's hard to believe this is it!! A big day!! Lots of love and prayers, G-gran