May 06, 2010

The Little Things

The twins are at an incredibly adorable age and stage. I'm absolutely loving it! But, I wish I had a better way to record all of the funny and cute things they do every day. The little things that don't, in and of themselves, merit a full blog post, but that I still want to remember. Things like:
This morning when I was blowing on something to cool it down and Ryan copied me and started blowing on it too!

The other evening Ryan wouldn't eat. Knowing the power of distraction, I suggested we take them outside...
Yesterday when Allie spent an entire track meet walking back and forth in front of the bleachers and UP AND DOWN the ramp! Without forgetting to stop at the stroller of her new friend every time she walked by!

Yesterday when I looked down to see the twins wrestling - Ryan pulling on Allie's shirt to hold her back, and Allie literally tackling Ryan once she got free - while they both giggled uncontrollably!

Ryan dancing in the doctor's office.

Allie spending an entire afternoon practicing doing a funny skip step in a circle - so she can dance in delight.

Ryan starting out walking a few steps, but unable to control the impulse to hop instead.
It worked!

The babies learning how to remove a rubber stopper from underneath a door (thus requiring mommy to figure out a new defense to keep them from squishing each other in doorways - which they do...often...)

The words Ryan mimics daily - like trying to say "Logi" and "Pasta." He is my little mockingbird, and tried to mimic everything we say.

Allie saying "Ball." She waited for the right moment, did it 2 more times because she appreciated my level of shock & awe, and then has refused to say it ever since!

Ryan practically hurling himself into the bathtub (he's an excellent climber and I think it is a distinct possibility that he could get in without help) to get his favorite tubby toys - his tubby basketballs.

Allie discovering grass...and spending 20 minutes pulling it leaf by leaf.

How they clap whenever they like the food they're eating. And how they often clap after every bite of oatmeal in the morning!

Then we gave them rides in their wagon. Click on the small pictures below to see up close how much they enjoyed the rides!
Allie reading a book - turning page by page, babbling something new for each page with different inflections, sounding just like mommy & daddy!

Ryan toddling all over the back yard while holding my hand. He kept squealing in delight while exploring all the nooks & crannies...and then we discovered he had hives when we got inside (not sure what he's allergic to out there, but definitely something!)

I know there are more, but they've already left my brain (temporarily I hope!). Maybe I need to start a journal...nothing big (because I could never keep it going), but daily recording a few of the cute things they've done that day. Just so I can remember. Because I adore these little things, but there are so many that they push the previous ones out of my brain. I'm having so much fun, and enjoying this age so much, and I just don't want to forget a single little detail!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, What a delightful step into your days!! Feels like we are there! It's so wonderful that you have the time and the intrique to treasure all these moments!!! I still can pull up many, many such moments and enjoy our precious guys whenever I wish--often! Walking down your memory lane brings back treasured, fun moments of them, too. Love and prayers, G-gran

Anonymous said...

love the smiles, you do such a good job with the blog but you are a very good mom and give them so much variety to learn and discover from too. thanks for the blogs it so good to look at them over and over again. Gigi

Lauren and Jeff said...

I write cute things I want to remember on the wall calendar in the kitchen the day they happen because it is quick and easy. Then I go back through the calendar every so often and put them in Morgan's baby book or add those memories when I'm making a photo book. But, I think just posting them like this on your blog serves the same purpose!

Anonymous said...

Just when I think they can't get any cuter here comes another picture that blows me away. Love the wagon pictures!! Thanks again for the updated blog. It's like a book and you can't wait until the next chapter!! Hugs from Up-North Nana

Anonymous said...

Great blog update! Can't wait to see them. I bet Ryan was sensitive to grass....we have seen it in LJ at times. Love the walking video, too!!! (K Moody)