May 17, 2010


My apologies to the grandparents (and greats!) for not updating sooner, but we had a full week of crummy weather, during which the twins had runny noses, and the combination didn't lend itself to many adventures or pictures. BUT, we had a break in the weather this weekend, and took full advantage of the sunshine by having a playdate at the park with one of our new friends!
(You should be able to click on the collages to get a closer look!)
And since we haven't done it in a while, here are a few of our favorite things!

Books: The Complete Works of Shakespeare & The combined Lord of the Rings Trilogy (or at least this is what mommy assumes as these are the most frequently pulled off the bookshelf!)

Pressing Buttons - specifically to open & close the garage door. But they have been known turn on the tv & surround sound, call grandparents, set off the car alarm & start the van by pressing the remote starter (we don't actually know how long it was running because no one was playing with the keys when it was discovered)!

Newly Acquired Skill: Obviously walking, although we are working on RUNNING!!!

Way of Asserting Ourselves: Pulling each other around. Allie doesn't want Ryan to play with a toy - she grabs his shirt and yanks him back. Ryan wants Allie out of the doorway so he can shut the door - he yanks her by the dress into the room (true stories)!

Animal: DOG. Ryan gets so giddy whenever there is a dog of any size around that he literally rolls on the floor laughing, and Allie screams with delight!

Place to Go: The Playground - swings, grass, water, big kids to watch, and the occassional dog to pet. Who could ask for more?

Foods: Chicken Quesadillas, Daddy's pancakes, oranges, peas (Ryan eats them by the handful), & watermellon (Allie eats it faster than I can cut!).

Fancy new trick: crawling backwards - they've both just started doing this, and it's really funny to watch!

Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse. One day, out of desperation when I had sick and cranky babies, I found Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Demand and turned it on for them. They started giggling the second he appeared on the screen (which surprised me because they had NEVER seen him before!). I have found that just showing his picture immediately diffuses cranky and/or crying babies!

Ryan is big on closing doors (and opening them when you knock and deciding wether or not you are allowed in), playing with any ball, climbing (lately into the dishwasher), being outdoors, and trying his hardest to repeat anything you say. Possible future careers: Bouncer or doorman, professional athlete, wilderness expert & guide, or communications specialist.

Allie is big on singing, dancing, and movement of any sort. She loves music (and keeps musical toys playing almost constantly), and she is scarily skilled at remembering which toys play the same music, lining them up together, and pressing the buttons so they all play the same song at the same time. Possible future careers: Anything performance oriented (dancer, musician, actress), fitness instructor, dj, professional organizer.

My days are busy and full of joy. Every day they learn something new and I am just trying to keep up!


Anonymous said...

Love the way I can enlarge the pictures. wow they seem so big, thanks, Gigi

Lauren and Jeff said...

Lovin' the pic in the last collage of Ryan pushing Allie in the stroller!

Kim said...

Thanks! He was really into pushing the stroller all over the park, and even when she was in he wanted to keep going (he slept well that night)!

Anonymous said...

So cute pictures..i'm at work ..still don't have my computer back. I can't believe it and it WILL NOT go back there for any other problems. God is teaching me patience. Hugs to babies, luv you all . Nana

Anonymous said...

Kim, my first thought was that your children were adorable and that I love your stories.

my second thought was "GRASS! LOOK AT THE GRASS!!!!! I miss grass....."

hah. hope Michigan continues to treat you well :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I had been busy with our little 3 year old houseguest. He said since he is the guest he gets to do things--like lead the meal prayers! He has been a bundle of laughs and fun!! So I am late getting in on the twins. Such adorable pictures and updates on what they are doing! Thanks bunches!! Love and prayers, G-gran