May 28, 2010


In our house, every day is an adventure - full of surprises. I expect that is the case in any home with multiple toddlers (or children of any age, for that matter). Today was a little exceptional though.

The day started normal - laundry, dishes, the babies going for a run with daddy, 4 poopy diapers before 9 am - exhausting, but nothing out of the norm. We were really looking forward to the day because today our church is having a pie sale! We were going to spend the day baking some of the pies in our oven, and then go to the sale to lure people in with the twins' adorableness :)

Now, we have been fighting a persistent diaper rash/yeast infection. The twins have actually been on prescription cream for a little over a week. I have been letting them "air out" (a.k.a. go without a diaper as much as possible), but was getting tired of cleaning up puddles (or worse) on my floors. So, I decided to take the babies outside. I needed to keep them contained, I wanted as much privacy as possible (we aren't running a peep show here!), so I decided we would play on the deck. Worried about splinters in delicate areas, I covered the deck as best I could with blankets. The babies enjoyed a fabulous 2 hours diaper free! Unfortunately, when I went to put on their diapers I discovered that Ryan managed to find one of the uncovered areas, and had a splinter in a very, um, sensitive spot. With the help of daddy, a bottle, some tweezers, and his favorite song I managed to remove the splinter with surprisingly little fuss! Perhaps I missed a calling as a surgeon!

And then it was time to get Allie dressed. I had thrown some pajama shorts on her while I was taking care of Ryan, but planned on her wearing one of her sundresses for the day. When I went to change her she threw an absolute fit! She grabbed the shorts from me and hugged them to her chest while screaming her complaints. Then she threw them (and all the clothes she could get her hands on) at the wall! I eventually ended up putting the shorts back on (I mean, wanting to be MORE covered up is a good thing, right? I should encourage that desire!). I just didn't realize that she would not only develop a fashion sense this early, but also assert it so forcefully. I can't imagine the future clashes over clothing, but if today was any indication, they will be doozies!

Somewhere during these unexpected, but minor, dramas, I had run to the kitchen for something. I noticed it smelled smoky, figured a pie had bubbled over, and turned on the hood fan. A few minutes later, I had to run back and noticed the smoky smell was worse. I looked at the oven and saw smoke pouring out of it (no joke. It looked like something from tv!). I opened the oven and saw a small fire! Apparently, the pie had bubbled over a while back, and the goo had charred and then started on fire! I removed the pies, put out the fire (by smothering it with a grill spatula), cleaned the oven (Lucas walked in just in time to watch the kiddos so I could do this), and threw in another batch of pies :)

This was all before the afternoon nap, and I had assumed that the day's drama would be over. Then I tried changing Ryan's diaper after naptime and he started screaming the second I touched his poor, rashy bottom and didn't stop for 20 minutes! The pediatrician's solution? Equal parts of Nystatin, Liquid Malox, and Desitin to be put on their bottoms at every diaper change. And before putting it on: washing their bottoms with a warm washcloth and drying them with a hair dryer (and wouldn't you know it, my hair dryer died earlier this week!) So, Lucas is off to find me a hair dryer and I'm off to mix up a batch of wonder cream :)

Ultimately, the adventures keep life interesting. And then there are times when I get to do things (like play peekaboo - the new favorite thing around here) with the babies, and I couldn't care what crazy, stressful things happen during the day (like fires in the oven...) because when you get to spend the day with kids this cute, it's all good :)

P.S. I originally tried uploading a really cute video of them playing peekaboo, but blogger apparently couldn't handle that much cuteness. So, instead here are pictures of how we ended our day - with a really fun run through our new beach ball sprinkler!!


Anonymous said...

It looks like the end was a hit specially with the twins. Their smiles and laughter were evidense of that. I know that must have been good for you too. Love the pictures you are a very good mom. Hang in there, these days pass fast then onto the next. Love you all so much, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Nana and Poppy are looking at the blog right now...and they are cute. Sorry about the bad bums and fun. Love and Kisses! Good thing Uncle Grant got the fire extinguisher.

Kim said...

Thankfully, we didn't need the extinguisher!, but it was reassuring to know that it was there!

Anonymous said...

The good, the bad, and the ugly! What a day! It's a good thing that you have a sense of humor, Kim. And a blog to share with us, knowing that you are in all our hearts. The squirting beach ball is a new one to me---our little boys would have LOVED that. It's amazing that your babies are big kids already. Such fun to see them grow. Thanks!! G-gran

Lauren and Jeff said...

Coolest sprinkler ever! Do you know where I can get one?

Kim said...

We got the sprinkler at Meijer. I believe it was only $10. Well worth it!