October 19, 2013

Field Trips

Oh, dear.  I've been really bad about keeping up.  I am fairly confident that about the time we adjust to our new crazy schedule, the semester will be over and it will change (theoretically, it will be less crazy...).  Here are the pictures from our week of field trips...at the end of September!

Our first was our annual Moms Group trip to see the cows.  Always a favorite.
Petting the baby cows.  These were less than a week old!
 A new highlight this year was catching them cleaning out some of the pens.  They moved all the cows over to the other side of the barn, and then used a Bobcat to scoop and dump all of the (pardon my french) poop.  The boys all thought it was awesome.
This picture was my favorite.  Notice Ryan in the back with his eyes covered.  You can't hear it, but he was screaming, "Nooooo!"  He thought the Bobcat was going to keep coming through the gate and run over his friends.  When he discovered the gate stopped the Bobcat, he went and joined them for a closer look!
 Climbing the hay bales, always a favorite!
 This picture is completely overexposed, but I love how D is trying to balance her juice in her dress!
 H sitting so ladylike...in the hay :)
 Because some of the kids were in direct sun while the others were in shade, the group pictures did not turn out.  As a backup, I took pictures of each cluster of kids with my camera settings adjusted for the different lighting.  Look at the group at the top of the hay...
 The next field trip was with their preschool.  It just happened to be at our local orchard, one of our favorite places on earth (or at least one of our favorite local places).  We got to see it in a whole new way during the field trip!
The whole group walking out to the orchard...and the twinners holding hands - to make sure they stuck together :)
 Being taught how they pick the apples.
 Each child (and adult!) got to pick their own apple.  The twins were super fast picking theirs.  So fast that I didn't get a chance to adjust my camera settings...so the pictures are way overexposed.

 Notice Allie's sad face?  Look closer at her apple.  The bees LOVED the apples and came around as soon as the kids bit into theirs.  Having recently discovered she is allergic, Allie was bummed that she could not finish her apple without fear of the bees.  She ended up giving it to me.
 On the hay ride!!
 I'm sure the highlight of the day was the donuts and cider they all got at the end.  This is not a new experience for the twinners (in fact, we've been going there every Friday morning for donuts since the beginning of the summer), but donuts are always amazing.

While it was slightly unfortunate that these two amazing field trips ended up happening a few days apart, it made for an amazing, adventure-filled week!

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Valerie said...

Goodness! The photo of them holding hands made me realize how TALL they are getting! *Sniff*