June 07, 2013


I suppose it's time for an update.  I haven't posted in a while because...well...we haven't done much.  Mostly because I'm just not up to doing much - and that probably deserves an update.
We lost our tv remote, and since it is such a pain trying to get the shows we want without it, I have been wracking my brain for other "sit-down" activities that let me rest while they are entertained - like shooting colored vinegar into a pan of baking soda!
 If you look closely, you will see Allie is covered with purple glitter...from the previous day's art activity.  It kept them still and quiet, but we are still (a week later) finding glitter in random places despite daily showers and baths...
I went back to the doctor and we confirmed once and for all that there is no fracture...which is too bad...because a fracture would heal faster than what I managed to do.  I severely sprained my ankle.  The problem with the diagnosis of a "sprain" is that it covers a wide spectrum of injury - from the (more common) minor twist and pull that heals anywhere from 48 hrs to 10 days, to the (what I did) severe sprain that stretches and tears tendons so badly that it takes 6-8 weeks and sometimes surgery to repair and recover.  Since the "quick" recovery is more common, mentally I keep thinking that I should be better soon...but I'm on the other end of the spectrum. Thankfully, I don't need surgery.  The doctor said I do have to wear my air cast for 6 more weeks (although we are down to 4 1/2 now).  In all honesty, I can't really walk at all without the support of it, so I can't imagine being without the air cast right now anyway.  The good news is that the swelling is finally starting to really go down - the best part of that being that the nerve damage I had from the swelling is also starting to heal.  I'm not having as many zaps shoot up my leg, and my foot isn't going completely numb as often when I step or move wrong.  And I'm starting to be able to handle longer periods of time walking with less pain.  Mostly, I just need to do a better job of knowing my limits.  Every time I have a good day I overdo it...and pay by having to spend the next day in pain.  I'm getting a little better at not pushing myself, but it is so hard.  And the twins keep complaining about "slow mommy."
We did our first fire of the summer.  Here are the twins helping by throwing in twigs from the yard.
 Of course, we had to roast marshmallows.  We invited our neighbors over to join us for s'mores.
We let the kids roast most of the marshmallows (with supervision).  They loved the power.
Based on the s'more recommendations of this blog post, we went with peppermint patties instead of plain old chocolate.  DELICIOUS!
The kiddos all playing train together.  They were calling out their goodbyes before the train "left."
But I have wanted to have some adventures.  Nothing where I have to walk to far (or maybe even go anywhere because - let's be honest - some days showering feels like a greater feat than I can handle).  I just don't want life to come to a screeching halt for the twins.  Poor Lucas has been doing his best to fill in on the adventure front - coming home early to take them to the park (our park has a giant, grassy hill going down, and I am in no way up to tackling that yet) or on an errand, but he is sort of in his busiest season of the summer (you know being June and all - last week he had 2 weddings in less than a week!).  So we are all trying to adjust to a slower pace, a messier house, and tamer adventures...and praying that I heal very quickly so we can get back to normal life!
Celebrating National Donut Day at Triple F!
Making their decisions.  
"It's a big decision.  Can't blow Donut Day." - Brian Regan
 My Gluten-Free donut order...otherwise known as "coffee."  Sigh.
 Enjoying the donuts - just as delicious as they imagined.
It's probably good for us all anyway.  I was hoping I would figure out a way to really slow down and enjoy my summer...I just imagined it happening differently!

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Looks like fun to me, the messier the better too. smores really sounded good. Gigi