October 04, 2012

Fall Fun at Triple F

Just in case you hadn't realized, fall has arrived!  I know that every year I trumpet the arrival and document here all of the season fun that I truly savor.  As usual, we have found ourselves becoming regulars at the local Flavor Fruit Farm - one of our true fall favorites.  We went over on a Sunday afternoon to browse the shop, and discovered that there is a really cool setup upstairs that we had never seen before!  We went with the moms' group.  We spent our time visiting the animals and eating donuts and we even got to go behind the scenes and see where they make the cider!
Allie and L peeking at the bunnies.
 Holding the baby bunny.
 The twins were in love with these golf carts and Ryan kept begging me to take a picture of him on them.

 We also headed over for a special afternoon treat.
I'm obsessed with their fairy garden and house.  Aren't they adorable!

 For our letter I week, the theme was insects.  It just so happens that they have their own bees - and they sell the honey made by these bees - at Triple F.  They have a place where you can view them and this is one of the twins' favorites.
Allie was saying, "Hello, bees!  I love you so much!  I love your honey.  Do you love making honey for me?"

 And no trip to Triple F is complete without a yummy donut...

 Allie likes to eat all of the chocolate frosting first.
Unfortunately, like most of the orchards in the area, the crop this year isn't great due to the crazy weather.  Most places have had to buy apples to make their cider (and some to have apples to sell), and the pumpkin crops weren't great either.  We've missed the hum of the cider mill that is usually running, and we haven't had the usual pumpkin display where we like to take pictures.  Oh, well.  We still love our fun fall trips to Triple F!


Anonymous said...

Ryan in his lady mcqueen clothes and wanted to take pictures of the carts doesn't surprise me. Loved it, Allie talking to the bees doesn't either she probably would have kissed them if she could. Love these two precious people
God has brought into our family. Thank you so much! Gigi

Kim said...

LADY Mcqueen?! Hahahahahaha! Mom, you are funny :)

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about Allie kissing the bees. I'm afraid she might kiss anything if she kissed a fish. Lady McQueen...not sure why this is funny. Is it just McQueen? I thought lady McQueen sounded ok to me too. :) We have apples at Knaebe's, Cider, and Russ has a pumpkin patch that I can take the kids to and they can pick their pumpkin and cut it off the vine. I'm taking Harper and D this week so if you can come up I can get some pumpkins for you guys for free. Love the blog and I'm with you Kim ....LOVE THE FALL. God sure has blessed us with beautiful seasons. I think I love them all!! Nana

Anonymous said...

The photo of Ryan and the bunny is adorable. I think eating the frosting first is a keen idea, Allie. I love the fairy house and area! Sweet imagination time for kids. As always, thanks for sharing, Kim. Hugs to you all, Grandma