October 28, 2013

Catching Up

Of course, there will be at least 1 Halloween/costume post...so I wanted to do a quick catch up before then.

In preschool they have "Practical Living" lessons each week.  Thus far, they have all been cleaning.  The twins have been excited to try their new skills out at home, so one Saturday morning, I set them loose.  I could barely keep up (I was trying to pick up the rooms ahead of them).  We've started to make it a weekly tradition.  My house has never been so clean!

 We attended cousin D's birthday party.  I forgot to charge my camera battery, so I only got a few pictures before it died (wah-wah).

 We carved our pumpkins!  A favorite activity every year.
Ryan was NOT a fan of getting out the goop.
 Allie loved it.
 Ryan ended up enlisting Daddy to get the goop out for him.
 The kids had grand ideas for their pumpkins this year.  Allie wanted an owl and a bat.  Ryan wanted a really silly face.  Lucas and my pumpkin carving skills were definitely pushed to the limit!

 While waiting, Allie played "mad scientist" with the goop.
 The girls' Owl & Bat pumpkin.

The boys' Silly Face

And we are literally, as I type, getting ready for the first of our Halloween festivities.  The twins are so excited about their costumes, and their enthusiasm is contagious!


Valerie said...

Love the pumpkins. And Allie continues to prove to be my kind of girl. The pumpkin guts are the best part!

Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkins and the cleaning that's where my leprechaun's went, Miss my helpers too. Good work twins keep up the good work its a great help for mom and dad. I don't like the goop either that's why dad always helped with pumpkins.Gigi

Anonymous said...

Oh such super duper pumpkins!! I wish you could carve mine for me. Love your costumes and love the fact that you are helping mommy and daddy clean. School must be teaching you good stuff. Love and Kisses from Nana & Poppy!!!!