March 31, 2013

Our Week

You may already have guessed that I'm a little behind.  This week was marked by catching up (4 kids by myself for the weekend meant that I didn't do much of the laundry, dishes, or normal tidying), and getting ready (Easter week is sort of busy for us).  On Wednesday we had the Annual Egg Dying Party at the church - 21 kids, 14 adults, egg dying fun, crafts, and pizza.  A blast for sure!
It's yellow!!
 It's blue!
He loved to stop to count his eggs and name the colors.
 She might have dyed herself more than her eggs...
I saw a tutorial on making marbled looking eggs with shaving cream and food coloring.  I figured that even if it didn't work, what kid doesn't like playing in shaving cream?  I was right.  It was a hit!
Final count/color check.
 One mom donated ceramic Easter figurines for the kids to paint.  It was a huge hit!  Allie painted 4.
I promised to keep you updated on our caterpillar-butterfly transformation.  They are growing like crazy!  We can't believe how giant they have already become!  All week we have been wondering how much bigger they can possibly get before they start to spin their cocoons?  We expect a change very soon!
This week also includes a couple extra church services - at different times of the day than the twins are used to going to church.  More than once I heard, "We are going to church again?!  Now?!"  Thankfully, it was always followed by, "Yay!!  We love church!"  And the conversation always ended with, "Will this be the most fun church service ever?"  You'll have to ask them which service walked away with that title...

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Anonymous said...

Kim, I wish your computer liked me!!! How awesome about the caterpillers!! Also, forgive me, how ugly and creepy. Reminds me of those awful tree web worms. But how special that God turns the ugly into beautiful. Can't wait to see. Tons of love and prayers, Grandma