March 23, 2013

Everyday Adventures: Part 2

I know, I know...why post more of the mundane?  I can't help myself.  These moments, to me, are some of the most beautiful.  The little moments that make up a whole life.  So, a few more of the little adventures that fill our time:
Another science experiment!  The kit had an experiment using the color tabs, milk, and liquid soap.  Honestly, it wasn't as amazing as their instructions made it out to be.  But it was  interesting, and the kids had fun.

Making rolls!  I found a recipe for pull-apart rolls that I thought could maybe replace the usual Rhode's rolls we do for holiday meals.  But Lucas is a bread connoisseur, so I wanted to do a practice run to see if they passed.  The twins wanted to help.  Most of the work is done by the bread machine, so they helped dump the ingredients in, and then watched it work its magic. 
 They quickly discovered they had to take turns looking in the small window.
Once the dough was done, we had to roll it into balls.  The twins had a blast doing this (although the term "ball" did lead to one or two being a basketball...
 And we made a huge mess.  At one point Allie threw a handful of flour in the air - Lebron style.  But, if you didn't make a mess, you didn't have fun, right?
The finished product!  They were so proud of themselves :)
The twins had asked for hamburgers, so we used their rolls as buns.  For the first time, Ryan ate his entire (half of a) hamburger...and Allie would only eat the bun!  Lucas tried them the next day and they passed!  He said they were delicious and holiday-dinner-worthy.
I would like to say that we have been working on writing their names, but we haven't.  I worked with them in the fall, but they were very resistant and I read somewhere that it was better to back off and let them take their time than push it.  So I backed off.  And then Allie started writing her name on everything.  And even Ryan was practicing the letters for his name.  Since we had some mail we needed to send out anyway, I had them sign their names on each one.  Is their anything better than first signatures?


Valerie said...

SO not mundane. I love hearing your everyday stories. And you're exactly right...these are the moments to treasure! You can always tell how much fun you have by how long it takes to clean it up. ;)


Kim said...

My apologies for spoiling the mail surprise for NE Grandpa and Grandma...but I couldn't resist showing off their signatures!

Anonymous said...

Love the signatures..but how can it be? Already??? Tears Tears & more Tears....stop growing up so fast you two. I want to keep you little for a long time :) They love all the stuff they do and that is so great!! What a super mommy you have and all the fun!
Hugs from Nana