March 09, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Little Buddy, four years went by so quickly!  I remember teeny, tiny you.  You were chill and grunty. 
 You frequently made the funniest face, and you were a voracious eater.  It was like you were determined to grow as fast as you could!
 And grown you have, into an amazing little boy who brings incredible joy and laughter to every day.
You are so thoughtful.  You think through everything, and often surprise me with insightful questions (usually questions for which I have no answer!).  You have an incredible memory.  You frequently surprise me with a detail that you remembered from something that happened a long time ago (frequently over a year ago).  You are generally very chill, but when you get angry - watch out!  You like things to be just so.  You like your toys in a certain order, you like your routine a certain way, and you like for things to be orderly.  When you are angry it is usually because something is out of place or something wasn't done according to the usual manner.  Change is not your thing.  You hate messes.  Your laugh is still a deep belly laugh that is irresistible to everyone around you.  Your enthusiasm abounds.  You are always cheering someone on, shouting "Yay!" for something we are (or will be) doing, or tacking, "Isn't that So exciting?!" onto the ends of your sentences.
You are often shy around people, although you are fine around people you know well and are getting better around people you see frequently in the community or at church.  An introvert myself, I often delight in the aspects of your introverted nature that we share.  What you love, you love faithfully, without faltering.  You love Bumble, trains, dinosaurs, Cars (especially Lightning McQueen), racing, setting up parades, snacks, playing basketball, the color blue, macaroni and cheese, riding your bike, exploring and discovering new things, sharks, and your family (especially your sister).  You are frequently nervous and cautious about trying new things, but always determined to not just experience, but overcome, each new thing you face.  You don't like cheese (unless it is on macaroni). You hate messes and being messy.   
My Sweet, Silly Boy, your enthusiasm spread to everyone around you - turning the everyday into an extraordinary adventure.  Your introverted nature brings a thoughtfulness and reflection into our days that I never expected.  Your love of the orderly reminds us to be consistent in all our words and actions.  And your laughter reminds us that life is fun and joy abounds!  These last four years have been (to use a few of your favorite words) awesome and amazing, and I look forward to another year full of the adventures you love!

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