March 09, 2013

Happy Birthday, Allie!

Sweet Peanut, where have these four years gone?  It seems like just yesterday I was giving you your first bath.
 You were so tiny and sweet.  I remember that from the beginning your coos and sounds were always so soft and melodic.  I loved those first days, of getting to know tiny you, and wondering about the little girl you would become.
And now you are 4 years old!  The little girl is here, and what a joy you are to me, and our whole family!
You frequently remind me of a beautiful butterfly (which is fitting because you LOVE butterflies).  Your movements are so delicate and graceful - even when you run and jump there is a grace about you.  You flit from thing to thing - whatever catches your fancy in the moment - and you stay only a short bit before you're off to find the next thing in which you will delight.  You frequently sing and dance as you go - music and movements you create in the moment, inspired by the things that surround you.  You abound in creativity - drawing, writing, painting, dancing, making music.  You love to create.  You are incredibly loving.  You love all creatures and people, and demonstrate this love often.  When asked if you have ever eaten fish you responded, "No.  I kiss them."  Which is partly false (you have eaten fish), but also incredibly true.  You have a passionate personality.  What you love, you love fiercely and completely.  When you are angry, you are incredibly angry.  When you are sad, you are heartbroken.  
 You are affectionate and love to hug and cuddle, but you are in constant motion (occasionally making those cuddles difficult).  You love to run and race.  I rarely see you walk.  If you aren't running, you are dancing.  You love the color purple (pink and yellow are secondary favorites), all things that fly (airplanes, helicopters, and blimps), music (as long as it's happy), princesses, dressing up, butterflies, glitter, dinosaurs, seashells, hide-n-seek, all things ocean related, and your family.  You are sensitive.  You hate games where someone jumps out and scares you.  Your feelings are easily hurt.  Even when someone is angry at someone else, you often cry because you hate it when people are angry.  Yet you are confident - never one to shy away from being in front of a crowd, trying something new, or leading your friends in a game.  You love to laugh and be silly.  And you LOVE making messes and being messy!
Little butterfly, your delight in the world ignites and inspires those around you.  Your creativity sparks our imaginations.  Your sensitivity reminds us to be gentle in our words and actions.  Even your love of messes reminds us to dig into life and enjoy every moment.  These last 4 years have been an absolute joy, and I look forward to another amazing year!

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Anonymous said...

You are our sunshines..everything mommy said is oh so true. We love you baby girl and we love you Ry, we really need this growing thing to slow down so try hard!! Happy Birthday Sweetie pie & Ry. Hugs, kisses, and all things beautiful to you both. I thank God for you and ask for protection around you. I can barely remember life without you and Ry. Happy 4th Birthday, Nana & Poppy!!