March 05, 2013

Random Videos

Speaking of reminiscing...I have been meaning to clean out the videos from my phone for a while.  Partly because no one can see them on my phone, partly because I need the memory space for more videos!  My apologies for the really poor quality of all the videos, but we didn't have a camcorder for almost a year so this was all I had!
The first days of bike riding.  Allie couldn't figure out how to stop.  I shouldn't laugh every time I watch this video, but I do.  She wasn't hurt, I promise!  It just reminds me of a classic America's Funniest Home Videos clip.
One day, Lucas made a bet with me about a particular song that was part of a legendary dance scene on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - which was a BIG mistake!  I love that show.  Anyways, I had to find the youtube video to prove him wrong...which the twins wanted to see...which turned into viewings of many classic Fresh Prince dance scenes...which led to this video of my sweet little man trying to imitate the awesome dance moves!
Sigh.  Please, excuse, enjoy, and indulge me in my reminiscing reverie.  It's part of the week...


Anonymous said...

Short and Sweet!! How many times did she fall??? Awe.. and Buddy Buddy you are a groovin' dude!!! Love you, Nana

ldmiller said...