April 03, 2013

Egg Hunting

As you know, there is a local egg hunt that is a favorite annual event of ours.  We have always wanted the cousins to join us, and this year it finally worked out!
Before the Hunt.  H was distracted, Ryan was focused, Allie was cheesy, and D was very upset that she couldn't start picking up the eggs!
When it finally started, Ryan went for the middle (to bypass the rush at the outer edge)
Collecting her loot.
At the playground post-hunt.  Isn't it great, as a twin, to always have a see-saw partner?
She was so excited to "go to the beach."  Even though the lake was still covered with a sheet of ice...
They provide hot dogs. I love this picture of Ryan and Nana eating together.
With his intense love of fire trucks and desire (hope?) to be a fire fighter someday, he was desperate to get a picture of him sitting on a truck.  If he ever does become a fire fighter, we'll be posting this picture for his graduation (or the fire fighter equivalent).
All the cousins on the fire truck.
We wanted the kids to be good and tired so Nana went out to the ball field and they raced back and forth between her and us.
We sent Uncle Logan out, and Uncle Lucas raced with the kids.  It wasn't long before we got the funniest moment of the day.
You might not notice, but there is a man down...Lucas is trying to warn the runners.
H, seeing him - although seeing him too late to move - tries to hurdle him.  Ryan, who doesn't see her coming because his eyes are on Uncle Logan, tries to stand up and...
Crash!  Lucas' face says it all.
2 runners down, but trying to get up.  2 runners don't even notice and push on to the end.  2 uncles laugh...and laugh...and laugh.
Ryan was hurt (H landed on his head), but once he stopped crying, we described the crash and he started to laugh.  Even he admitted that it was really funny.
Bunny cake!

We rounded out the day with a trip to the park (I forgot my camera.  Can you believe it?!).  A super fun day...and all of the kids were completely knocked out nice and early.

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