December 01, 2010

Wrapping Up a Month of Thankful Days

My first picture requires a bit of a story...when I was growing up, I remember that many of my dad's most delicious creations came about on evenings when we looked in the fridge and cabinets and wondered "what on earth can we possibly make out of this stuff?" I think that those adventurous (and, surprisingly, always delicious) meals sparked in me a love for the challenge of making a decent meal when the cabinets are bare. Lucas and I bought 2 weeks worth of groceries...sort of...I was hoping to clean out the fridge and cabinets a little, and I succeeded! Sure, when we returned home from Lala's, our fridge looked like this:

But, you can ask Lucas, we still ate some delicious - and somewhat creative - meals! Challenge accepted and conquered! No worries, moms. I went and bought groceries and now our cabinets and fridge are full (with products that have perfectly respectable expiration dates)!
I am thankful for:
Christmas decorations! I pulled out all of our decorations, expecting (as I have in past years) to have them all up before the end of the evening. Not even close, I barely have the majority right now! But there is something wonderful about pulling out the decorations - the smell, the memories, the reminder of what they symbolize. I especially enjoyed pulling out the number of nativities I have begun to collect. The God who created everything, the God who created the planets and sent the swirling into space, the God who could do anything, came down to earth as a baby. No pomp. No grand entrance. Born in a stable surrounded by animals. This season marks the beginning of the greatest love story that exists, and every decoration I put up reminds me of the ultimate thing for which I am thankful - God's love and salvation, given through His Son.
Shatterproof tree decorations: Confession - my tree is a hand-me-down, and all the ornaments are also hand-me-downs or I bought them at a garage sale (new!) for $2. The true beauty of this decoration is not the bargain, it is that everything on that tree is durable enough to withstand toddlers. Each morning since the tree has stood it is stripped of decorations as far up as they can reach, and they spend the better part of the day:
collecting them in the container,
Gathering them in their arms (and occasionally tasting them),
and dumping them out and all over,
They LOVE the tree.
I'm just thankful that someone was smart enough to make decorations that could withstand this kind of handling!
Patient twins: Who not only endured an especially long grocery shopping trip (due to the empty fridge and pantry), but 2 more stores in addition to our normal 2 for some Christmas shopping. It was a l-o-n-g morning, but they were troopers!
Cyber Monday: I finished almost all of my Christmas shopping and some AMAZING deals! Granted, after 2+ hours on hold with Khols when their website wouldn't work (I'm guessing the volume crashed it), and 2 e-mails, I'm still waiting to hear if I can order my items and get the discounts I would have had if their website hadn't crashed. But otherwise my cyber Monday shopping was highly successful!
Girl's Night Out: Sure, our "night out" was only me keeping her company while she grocery shopped, but it was fun nonetheless!
Lunch with Daddy: The cloudy skies of Michigan's winter have settled in, and we were going a bit stir-crazy. We headed over to the church for a change of pace. It was great, and I think we're going to have to make it at least a weekly occurrence!
A habit of thankfulness: This month has been a great practice in thankfulness, and hopefully it will carry into the next year (all year will be great!).
All of you! I honestly think it is a true sign of love when you faithfully read our daily adventures. Often our daily events and adventures aren't terribly exciting, or even well-written, but you read about our lives regardless. Even if no one ever read my posts, I would keep writing to have my own personal "scrapbook" of the highs and lows of our daily lives with the kiddos, but it is nice to know that there are other people who actually care :)

I hope you're 30 days were as full of things about which to be thankful as mine!


Anonymous said...

Kim your blogs always make my day. I feel a part of your life even when I can't be there. I love the little baby hands on the bulbs from the Christmas tree. You are way more patient than me. I always frowned when my kids messed with the tree. If only I could do that over I would have let them decorate the whole thing. How time changes us!! For the better at least. Hugs to all and thank you for all the thankfulness and praise to our Creator at this beautiful time of the year. Love you, Nana

Kim said...

Wouldn't it have been a great idea to clean my fridge while it was so bare? I didn't think of it until now! Honestly, it is less patience and more resignation with the tree. I had nothing to really block it, and I didn't want to spend my entire day scolding, so I decided to just throw baby proof ornaments on and let them enjoy the holiday decorations. I must say it is nice to have a new distraction :)

Anonymous said...

I'm digging out my nativities, too, and treasure the incredible truth that God loved us so much that He Himself came to our world as a vunerable baby to show us His love. I will always remember how you flew across the room after you thanked everyone for their Christmas shower gifts and said that you couldn't believe that I gave you the unique nativity that I had enjoyed for many years. I knew that it had found a 'good home'!! (And it was hard to give up as you suspected)Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the kids the most. The way you capture their smiles and wonder on their faces. A's picture by the tree is precious. The look on Ryan's face when he is looking into the container of bulbs he is collecting. It helps so much to hear about them and see them .Thanks so much I love it. Gigi