December 07, 2010

When Mommy's Away...

I spent one afternoon (a few hours) out picking up my mom from the airport and grocery shopping. I get home to find this:

I know that I am partly to blame. I wondered how long it would be before letting them color on the walls of the shower with special crayons would make them think it was okay to color on any walls with any crayons...

I wondered how they managed to do so much coloring (in so many places) without Daddy noticing. Where was he? Apparently, standing nearby and watching. He didn't want to crush their artistic aspirations, and thought maybe it would be cool to give them a wall where they could color, paint, draw... I'm open to the idea (we have a lot of white wall space down there), but I told him there had to be a better way to encourage their art while protecting our walls (and floors)!
As I mentioned, Gigi is here! The twins are having a blast, and I am enjoying how much easier it is with an extra person around to entertain the kiddos!
Gigi had been playing with them on the floor, and got tired. She laid down and Ryan saw that as an invitation for a pony ride!
Gigi brought Allie a Mickey Mouse necklace, and she LOVES it. She has worn it whenever she is awake, and constantly looks at it, touches it, and even gives it hugs and kisses!
The twinners are still sick, but I feel like it can't be too bad because even though their cough is raspy and their nose is gooky and they are way more cranky than normal - their energy level hasn't changed one bit! Thank goodness for Gigi!


Anonymous said...

Yay for Gigi...being sick is bad but having Gigi close by makes it so much better. Have fun, we'll see you soon Gigi. Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

You should get some chaulk board paint, it comes in all kinds of colors not just black. Paint a wall and let them go with chaulk to drawn and color on. It really works then you can erase when done.
hope this helps
aunt darleen

Kim said...

I actually have chalk board paint and I'm going to paint a big chalkboard in the playroom for one of their Christmas presents...Christmas just needed to be about 3 weeks earlier :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that your Mom is enjoying you all right now. The twinners will really know her well when she returns at Christmas time and will miss her. I visited with your Dad and Nic this noon and Papa is looking forward to his time with them!! Advent blessings, Grandma

Kelsey said...

I am so glad that your mom was able to come down!! Love that! Sorry your babies are still sick though! :( That sucks! Hope they get to feeling better! Love you!