December 03, 2010

Favorite Phrases

I just need to jot down some of the great things the twins are saying right now before I forget! They totally crack me up :)

Allie currently likes announcing what she has (usually a ball...usually stole from her brother). We often hear "I godda bah!" as she holds it jubilantly in the air.

Ryan's favorite phrase is "Oh, wow!" He says it when he discovers something new, does something he shouldn't, and (since it IS that time of year" sees Christmas lights (sometime I'll show you a picture of our neighbor's decorations and you'll know why he says "wow!").

Since they were born, I would say to the twins "What do you see?" When they couldn't talk I told them what they saw around them. Now they frequently say "I see ________" If they don't know the word they just say "I see! I see!" and point.

Allie started saying "Cuh-peesh" (capice). I don't know where on earth she heard it, but it is her favorite word. Once or twice she uses it in a shockingly appropriate context, but most of the time she just says it while she plays :)

Ryan is big into "Hi" and "Bye, bye" But it's the way he does it. Every morning he smiles and waves "Hi, mama!" And at bedtime and naptime he says "Bye, bye, mama!" as I leave the room.

My two favorites are at bedtime. We sing "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow" every night before we put them to bed, and we also sing the "A-men" Lately the twins join in (on pitch!) and sing the amen with us...and then clap because they get all excited when we sing together!

When we do our bestime prayers, we've started asking them if there is anyone they want to pray for. Usually, we have no clue. They just sort of shyly jabber something. Sometimes we do understand "Nana," "Papa," "Daddy," sadly NEVER mama! They've started clapping we when say "amen" at the end of the prayer and I think it's because they had a part!

New words and phrases every day - this is the most fun phase! I love hearing the things they say!


Anonymous said...

I love hearing them even when I don't understand what they are saying. I love the way Ry says Buh Bye and Tah Dah...that is my all time favorite cause Lucas used to do it after everything he did. And Allie is so quiet, her funniest to me is "Whats that" in her little whisper. It is fun when they start to talk. I can't wait until they can actually call me up on the phone for real. :) Hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

So precious to hear those first words and all those that follow. That was always a treasure to me, too. I love the "capice" !! So cute. Also the "Amen" is beautiful beyond words. Your kids are so blessed to be taught about our incredible God from their first day!! Life is good! Grandma

Anonymous said...

I love talking with them on the phone especially Ry guy. He goes on in another language and on and then waits for my comment. Allie does alot more interacting on line especially when she has a book to point at the pictures. Gigi