December 20, 2010

Holiday Snapshots

Completely random and in no particular order, here are some snapshots of our last few days:
Mama was making peppermint brittle, and needed help crushing the candy canes. Thankfully, I have 2 ready helpers!

The finished product!
Shortly after they were born, someone gave us these bathrobe sets. I thought they were gigantic, I thought it would be years before they fit in them...then I recently found them in the 24 mo. bin. How did they get this big already?
They LOVE their "special jackets!"
The other night we decided to go on a spur-of-the-moment Christmas Adventure to see the drive-thru light show at the loacl fairgrounds. I dressed the twinners up in their Christmasy gear, took some pictures (not good ones, but I wanted to capture them looking decent), and headed out...without the camera. I left it by the door. Even more of a bummer when we discovered that at the end of the drive-thru lights was an indoor "Winter Wonderland" with Santa (the twins refused to sit on his lap, but gave him high fives and blew Mrs. Claus some kisses), a Christmas Tree Festival, A funny puppet show, and REAL LIVE reindeer (they were in heaven and pushed through the big kids to be right up front and pet them)!! For this shutterbug mama, it was a true travesty to not have my camera at such an event!
Checking themselves out before we left

We've been busy, busy, busy having a blast!


Anonymous said...

Love the robes and slippers but they do look so old sitting there. Kim without a camera "now that is almost hard to believe"...and i wish i had those little santa's helpers around when I was making sugar cookies. See you soon ...Love NANA

Kelsey said...

Allie looks so pretty in her outfit!! I miss them (and YOU, of course)! Love you!

Lauren and Jeff said...

I have a feeling the memories of the light show will be more vivid for you because you forgot your camera. For every thing there is a reason ...

Anonymous said...

Oh, those little ones are getting so grown up. Thanks for sharing their world!! Hugs and kisses, Grandma