December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Continuing the tradition, here is our day in pictures:
Monkey Bread!!
It took me a month to figure out how to make it without butter, and it isn't quite the same as real monkey bread, but it is pretty close. I was so thrilled to share this tradition with them!
Creating on our easels from Papa & Gigi (we almost didn't get them to open any more presents...)
Pillow Pals from Uncle Nic

Uncle Matt (having worked at a camp where the kids didn't know the song "When You Wish Upon a Star") did his part to introduce the twinners to the wonderful world of Disney!
It took a l-o-n-g time, but we finally got them to tear into the presents on their own.
After it was opened, they had to stop and play with each toy before opening another. Probably the longest present opening in history, but I didn't mind!
Their big present from mommy and daddy (no more jumping on the bed!)
They love jumping!
After naptime they tried out their polar bear sleds from Nana & Poppy.
Everyone out there took turns pulling them in the sleds.
The twins had a blast!

I promised pictures of our most amazing gifts, and here they are - handmade quilts from Auntie Min! Aren't they gorgeous?!

As for me, my 2 favorite gifts were: my own quilt made by my talented sister-friend (not pictured because it is already on my bed...and my room has been the hiding place for any and all clutter during our days of company...), and some of my favorites of my talented brother's photographs framed for my walls! There is nothing better than gifts created personally by those I love!


Anonymous said...

What a delightful, fun, wonderful Christmas at your house. Your families at hand to enjoy all the delight! Life is good. Blessings, Grandma

Lauren and Jeff said...

Yay! Those are fab gifts! Beautiful job, Mindy!

We had the long, slow gift-opening process last year. I miss it. This year Morgan was ALL ABOUT opening the presents and not really too concerned about what was inside initially. It kind of gave me an icky feeling. :(

Anonymous said...

Mother-in-law Nana got a quilt also and it was my favorite gift except my diamond earrings from my hubby. Nice Job Mindy, I wish I had just an ounce of your talent. Oh other favorites was my homemade ornaments from the twinners and my Nana sign from Harper and Delaney. I've waited a long time for those kinds of gifts. Thanks everyone! Hugs from Nana
ps. Merry Christmas to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa in Nebraska!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Nana!!! That is sweet. We wish you and all those you love a coming 2011 filled with good health, more ups than down, joy and gratitude for all the blessings you will receive from our loving God, Great Grandma

Kim said...

Lauren, I totally dread the Christmas when they switch to tearing into everything without seming to care...but EVERY kid has at least one (most likely a few) of those I'll enjoy this phase while it lasts!