September 06, 2009

My Little Football Fans

Yesterday marked the beginning of a large milestone in the lives of our babies...the first game day of their first college football season!

I have been planning this day for weeks - what they would wear, the pictures we would take, would I allow them to watch the game or follow the AAP's advice and refrain from giving them "screen time" (I decided to have the Michigan game on while we played with them in the afternoon...and Ryan watched intently! I might be a bad parent for this tv exposure, but college football isn't just mindless tv, it is a way of life!).

Originally, they were both wearing Huskers onesies (because I didn't have any Michigan ones that fit), but Allie wee wee'd all over hers. So - wanting to keep her dressed in the spirit of the day - I squeezed her into the Michigan onesie (which was a little short, but worked for a few hours). It was perfect because we had taken Huskers pictures, but we were able to take these pictures with both teams represented, and I like these a little better!

If you were wondering how they felt about football...Allie was super into the actual football. She kept wanting to hold it, hit it, chew on it. We had trouble getting pictures because we couldn't get her to look away from the ball! Ryan, while being super into watching football on tv, was not really into the actual football (although he kicked it out of Allie's hands a few times...). He seemed to enjoy the social aspect more. He got a kick of how goofy we acted when we gave them the football and tried to take pictures!

And finally, a few more favorites that I remembered I forgot:
Our Favorite:
Friendly Farm Peek a Boo
Perfect Pets Peek a Book (many thanks to the Lamps for these favorite books!)
Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay (mommy & daddy are super fans of the various Rockabye Baby cds)
Veggie Tunes ("We are the pirates who don't do anything!")


the monkey's mama said...

Ahhh, once again, a post from your blog does not fail to bring a smile to my face. Love it!

Lauren and Jeff said...

I hadn't heard of the Rockabye Baby cds. I'll have to check them out.

Love the pic!

Kim said...

Definitely check them out! There are so many different ones. We have been borrowing them from the library. The coldplay one is my current favorite, but we had a Beatles one that is good as well :)

Anonymous said...

Go Blue! Go Red! Go Green! My 3 grandbabies MI, NEBRASKA, and MI STATE! I wonder what they'd pick if they only knew!! :) Hugs..Nana