September 14, 2010


Sorry it has been SO long. A nasty, long-lasting stomach bug worked its way through our household, and knocked me out. I'm happy to report that we're all fully healthy and ready to reminisce about our adventures!

Labor Day weekend the twins attended their first birthday party (not for themselves)! It was their friend E's 2nd birthday, and we had such a great time!

The party was bubble themed. Allie had a blast playing in the blowing bubbles from the bubble machine!
Ry-guy kept trying to dive into the pools of bubbles, and I think he threw every single bubble wand in to see it disappear under the foam!
E drives by to thank Ryan for coming to her party.
Lucas, as always, ended up playing with the kids, and got roped into taking kiddos for rides in E's new wagon! He pulled kids around the yard (up and down the hill) dozens of times!
Ry-guy clapping for Daddy for giving such fun rides :)
They served dinner, and the twins got to eat with the birthday girl. I love the facial expressions in this picture!
E's mom made the most beautiful cakes, AND she even made sure they were egg & dairy free so the twinners could eat them! She is truly a great, and thoughtful, friend.
A rare picture of the twinners together. Only tubs of bubbles could get them to sit still long enough to capture on film!
We had so much fun at your party!
Happy Birthday, E!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had alot of fun. twins seem so grown up at a party for their friend. love, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Bubble Party...yay, how fun! How can it be that the twins are already going to friends birthday parties??? They were just born. Time needs to slow day PLEASE!! Huggies from Nana

Anonymous said...

Time needs to slow down. just like my typing.

Anonymous said...

It was good Lucas was on the giving end of wagon rides. He had quite a few on the receiving end from me. I used to tie the wagon to the back of my bike.It would have been great to have been at the carnival. It looks like things are really happening at your church. Keep getting the word out. Poppy