February 19, 2010

Wrapping Up

This past week we've been doing a lot of "last things"... for example:

Sunday we left the babies with our friends Seth & Cari for an evening of delicious food, dancing, and celebration with friends from church. It was a wonderful evening, but it ended sadly as many of the people we spent the night with we were seeing for the last time before we leave (including Seth & Cari). There does not exist any sort of computer emoticon to show how sad that made me.

Monday we said goodbye to their old carseats...the ones in which we brought them home from the hospital. Ryan had just crossed over the weight limit (22 lbs.), and they both had pretty much grown out of them. They are very much enjoying their "big kid" car seats, and are much more comfortable (not that you can tell by the look on Allie's face...)! We also had a play date with a friend from seminary and her daughter. We went to Jordans. It was great to take the babies there again...unfortunatley we hadn't realized that our camera batter was dead so we have no pictures. It was great to see my friend (I hadn't seen her since I was in the hospital), but a bummer that it was to say goodbye.

Thursday Lucas and I left the babies with our dear friends from church so we could have a date night to see "Avatar" (2 date nights in one week!!!) The babies had a fabulous time with Bruce & Karen (I know this because they had so much fun they refused to sleep! Ryan was awake and ready to play when we get home...silly man). Lucas and I enjoyed an dinner at one of our favorite resaturants, watching the movie at Jordan's Imax (they have "butt kickers" which means your seats rumble with load noises in the movie - and Avatar was full of loud noises!). Although, I was a little sad as I walked out of Jordan's for the last time. We've enjoyed a LOT of good times at that place...and furnished half our home!

Friday we had the twins' last pediatrician appointment here in MA. I have to say that I LOVE our Pediatrician. He was a random find as I was laying in a hospital bed trying to figure out how to find a pediatrician before the babies were born, but he is a treasure. I tried talking him (and everyone in the office because they are all fabulous) into moving to MI, but had no success. The twins got a clean bill of health and we got a picture before we left (unfortunately, it was after their shots, so they weren't super smiley). My mom also came out to help as we pack up. The babies were thrilled to see Gigi (Ryan giggled every time he looked at her for the first few hours - we think he was so excited to see her outside of the "box" - a.k.a. the computer!). We had a fun-filled afternoon of playing before she helped me put them to bed...and then helped me clean up...and pack...before she went to bed (she had been up since 3 am)!

While many things this week have made me sad - very, very sad - there have been a few things that have made me very happy. One is the adorable things the babies have been doing this week (which you've seen in picture and video the last few days). They have always seemed to sense when I was sad about something and they always pull out the charm to cheer me up. They are so sweet. Another is the pre-move purge. I LOVE cleaning things out, giving (and throwing) things away, and feeling like we're moving a little lighter. When we moved here we didn't have a lot of time, and so we didn't purge as much as I would have liked...and since the twins we really have collected clutter. It feels so good to be getting rid of things! The thing that made me the most happy (drumroll please...) getting rid of our plants! I'm TERRIBLE with plants, and these were passed down to me from a friend who was moving. They came with about 4 other smaller plants (which went to plant heaven a long time ago), and somehow, despite a LOT of neglect, managed to keep surviving. In fact, we thought one plant was dead and then new shoots started coming up! Amazing! I posted them free on craigslist and immediately got dozens of responses. It is such a relief to get rid of them and know they are going someplace where they will actually be appreciated (and cared for...).

We are down to our last full week, which I know will be full of even more "lasts" and "goodbyes." I will say that babies help distract from the full impact of the impending move, but I worry that by not fully feeling the pre-move sadness now might make it more difficult when we actually pull away (I may find out if it is humanly possible to cry all the way to Michigan!).


Kim for the Kings said...

Hey Kim, I know I rarely post a comment, but I really enjoy following your family on your blog. We're excited for the big move for you four! We will likely have to move in the next year as well, and I cannot imagine how difficult it will be. My heart goes out to you. BUT I know you two are thrilled about being in MI again! Love from Greg and me!

Anonymous said...

What a special blog. I feel your pain. Just like when I left Manson and all those dear people weren't a part of my life anymore. They all had become family, but then one moves and God gives one a new Mom or two, new sisters and brothers, new family! The good thing is that you will be joining people that you already know and love--a church that you love. And your first very 'all your own' home!! It DOES NOT lessen the pain of leaving now, but it helps at the other end!! I too LOVE the deep purging and make an effort to be savage about purging once a year or so. Happy time with your Mom!! Love and prayers to you, Carla!!!! G-gran

Anonymous said...

Kim I feel your pain, everytime I left Boston I would look back at that incredible city and think "how cool"...I'm sad too because I loved coming there but I'm so excited that you guys are finally having your own HOME!! And Lucas is head pastor of a church. Yippee!!! God has a plan and you are following,it will be so incredible when we all get to Heaven and there are no more TEARS! I long for that but love this time being a Nana. Did I ever thank you so much for all of this. I'm sure I have. :) LEt the tears roll you earned them. Hugs and Hi to Gigi...NANA in Lansing this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I remember taking the twins with you to the pediatrician. His practice was in a quaint house and his office was so cheery with the big windows and that paint on the wall that shows in your photos. How special that you have a picture of you all together!!! He is a very caring doctor. I pray you find one that you like as well in your new home. G-gran