February 08, 2010

Filling in the Gaps

As you may be able to tell, we are all healthy in our house once again (Knock on wood...). We are also getting more sleep (praise God!). For the past few days things have truly felt "normal" once again. You may wonder, if I have been healthy and well-rested, where are all the blog posts? The answer is: we were too busy!

Once we felt better, we hit the ground running! So many days cooped up and sick gave us all cabin fever, and as soon as I felt we were all well enough, we began to venture out (side note: once we started getting out again, the babies started sleeping better...I don't think this is a coincidence). It started out small with walks (a few l-o-n-g walks) where we visited our favorite routes and places in our neighborhood (like the park nearby). I'm getting very sentimental.

On Thursday we went and played at Miss Mimi's house. Some fun things we did there? Crawled laps around the expansive family room & kitchen. Tried cornbread for the first time (and LOVED it...and made a mess all over Miss Mimi's carpet). Saw a live bunny for the first time (their pet), chased him, and were almost chased by him... Unfortunately, I forgot to take the camera, and the battery was dead in their camera, so I have NO pictures to document this fun day. Bummer.

Saturday Miss Kim & Mr. Chris came over. We all had lunch together and then Chris & Lucas went to the Bruins game (sadly, the Bruins lost in overtime). Kim & I hung out and played with babies until the guys got back. It was a fun day with some of the babies' favorite people. Although, at first Ryan wasn't too sure about Miss Kim (who has always been one of his top 5 favorite girls). I think it's because she is 11 weeks from welcoming her own little guy into the world, and Ryan wasn't sure about how different she looked!

The babies pause to read the nutrition information on the box...

Sunday we were back at church for the first time in weeks. This made me happy as we only have 2 more Sundays left (tear, sigh), and I hated that we kept being too sick to go now that each Sunday is so precious. It was so good to see the people we were able to see, although there are so many more that I want to see before we go. We will miss the people in the church so much. Another big event was the arrival of our Girl Scout Cookies! Now, we live just a few miles from the Girl Scout store, and could technically buy cookies year-round. We haven't taken advantage of this - partly because we forget, but partly because there is something exciting about the arrival of the cookies that you ord er from a girl scout that you know. I am now in the midst of a love/hate relationship with these cookies. I love them, but hate how quickly they are disappearing...

...and then they dig in.
Note: we had to pry the box from Allie's hands as she tried to eat through the cardboard to get to the cookies...and then she cried. She is so like her mommy!

We have another big week ahead of us as we are trying desperately to cram in play dates (for them and me), while also packing, getting things set up in MI, and wrapping up things here...Hopefully I'll remember to take more pictures this week!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about the mint girl scout cookies. But Allie I'd rather eat the cookies then the box. Just wait till you get to have the cookies you will understand. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Kim..I love the sweater dress on Allie...so so cute!! And I love that blue sweater on Ry-guy...what a little man he is!! So glad everyone is feeling better. I wish I was closer to help you pack and watch them. Oh and about the girl scout cookies...we bought from a little girl the other day in our neighborhood (who won the contest of selling most of the boxes last year) probably because she came to our house. Dan was home this year and we over bought again. Love from Nana

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Our computer refused to bring up the comments the last couple days, but I did have the joy of seeing your sweeties attack the Girl Scout cookies! I already got my order in for this year from Jon's girls!! I don't eat many sweets but love those Girl Scout cookies (they take out ALL the calories, you know!) I don't buy the caramel ones as I would eat the whole box!! Those are my favorites! G-gran