February 15, 2010

Silly Beans

When the babies do something funny or silly I call them "silly beans." I don't know why...it just popped out one day and stuck. Anyways, lately the babies have been doing a lot of silly things:

They have been lifting up the corners of the rugs and looking underneath. I thought they just enjoyed having power to manipulate the floor. Then I noticed one day that they were both trying to lift up the rug and then reach underneath (to get something?) before it fell. A new game? I looked under the rug and discovered a flat toy underneath. Then I kept looking and discovered that there were a LOT of these toys under the rug! I'm not exactly sure why, but they seem to be stashing them there, and then going back later to try to get them!

Speaking of stashing toys...they also seem to be stashing toys underneath our couch and ottoman. I'll look over and see them lying flot on their stomach, reaching underneath to try to get a favorite toy out. They are surprisingly good at getting whatever is under there as well. I feel like I have a couple of squirrels around here!

There are a few items (not exactly toys...bowls, lids, etc.) that the babies love to play with and are not good about sharing. I try to always keep these items in duplicate in order to avoid the inevitable arguing. Lately I've noticed that when they both have them, they enjoy clinking them together. Sometimes it looks like a sword fight (with plastic bowls...), sometimes it looks like they are sharing a toast (To fun!). Sometimes Ryan is the only one who wants to sword fight/toast and Allie gets annoyed that he keeps hitting his toy against the thing she is chewing on.

They are back to sleeping in the same room, and after we lay them down at night, they stand in their cribs, facing each other, and talk and giggle before falling asleep. How do I know they are standing and facing each other? One night I discovered my cell phone had fallen out of my pocket and was in their room with the ringer on (oh, horror!). I popped back in to get it and there they were. They got really silent, watched me get my phone, waitied a safe amount of time after I left, and started talking again...apparently I was not allowed to hear what they were saying!

They are getting so helpful:

Allie helps daddy put the groceries away.

Ryan helps edit the blog.


Anonymous said...

How cute are they!! Silly Beanie Babies :) I would love to see them standing in there cribs talking to each other. Ryan looks so much older when he is sitting at the computer. haha And Allie pop helping daddy in the frig. Daddy looks so happy watching his little girl. Loving these grandbabies this past year and now has been the happiest time of my life. Now I know what people mean when they say you love your kids but grandkids are so much more fun! I get it now. Hugs to everyone and once again thank you Kim for taking time out of your busy busy days to blog for everyone. We love you so Much!!

Anonymous said...

Your blogs always brings back memories of Ashley and Brandey (their sweet sixteen today!!) They came up with so many clever tricks. What a unique experience twins have! And anyone who has the joy and privilege to be exposed to their world! Thanks for sharing them with us!! They wouldn't even 'exist' to us far away people without your blogs. They would still be tiny infants in our minds without their awesome personalities. Like Nana we all thank you so much, Love and prayers, G-gran

Lauren and Jeff said...

I love that you "interrupted their conversation" to go get your phone out of their room! Surely that's the first of many times they will stop what they are doing when Mommy or Daddy comes into the room!

Also, glad to hear they are sleeping in the same room. "That of which we do not speak" must be going well. ;)

Kim said...

"That of which we do not speak" IS going well! I feel like I have my babies back...just in time for us to move and mess everything up again :) At least now I know that things will return to normal (in less time than I think!).