October 19, 2009

Our favorite Things: Updated

Here are some of the most recent favorite things:

- Whatever the other one is playing with. Seriously, they will eye the toy that the other one has, and when I finally switch them (because no one is playing), they will look at the toy that I just gave to the other one (the one they JUST had), and suddenly that's the only one they want!

- But when mommy makes it clear they must play with whatever toy they have:

Allie - VTech Learn & Discover Driver - she really gets that thing going!

Ryan - Little Tikes Busy Cube - he'll spend 20 minutes on just 1 side!

Both - Football (we seriously need 2!)


with Mommy - Rock-a-bye Baby (they are big into the "down will come baby" where I hold them in my arms and drop them down)

with daddy - Way up in the Air (where he either zooms them way up in the air, or holds them way up in the air and zooms them down. May it be noted that mommy is not a fan)

Our Huskers or Michigan outfits!! Go Big Red! Go Big Blue!

NOTE: They have Huskers outfits EXACTLY like the Michigan ones pictured here, but since my Facebook features the Husker pictures, I figured I could represent Michigan here...

Anything we can eat with our fingers (we've started adding small, mushed up pieces of banana, and that is a huge hit as well!). And we are getting really good at actually getting the food into our mouths!

Sounds to Make:

Ryan - throaty gurgle in various tones. He sounds like a wookiee.

Allie - High pitched trill. She sounds like an exotic bird.

Thing that makes us giggle:

Mommy's hair in our face (Don't ask me why, but it works every time. Probably tickles...).

Thing to do when we're giggling:

Pull mommy's hair (it makes us giggle even more when she hollers!).

Thing to do that we are not supposed to do:

Pull things out of the diaper basket on the changing table while mommy is getting us dressed. Not that pulling the things out is necessarily wrong, it's trying to chew on them that stresses mommy out because usually the things in there were not meant to be chewed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Lucas, what gorgeous, healthy babies with so much personality. It is obvious that they are the joys of your lives. They are so blessed to have been chosen by God to join your family!!! I am sure that you know that Ashley's softball team earned first in State!! We had made a commitment over a month ago to go Rola, Missouri see Brooke's last soccer game of her college career so we missed all of the State games! Was a big weekend! Love to you all! G & G in Nebraska