October 16, 2009

Loralee's Wedding: Part 4

I know as the bridesmaids were lining up there was a feeling of anxiety and excitement. Anxiety as we worried that we would trip walking down the aisle, excitement as we looked at Loralee (who was absolutely glowing, she was so happy) getting ready to walk down the aisle. It was one of those moments in life that happen in slow motion...just before someone hits the fast forward button.

Loralee getting ready.

All of the sudden we were walking down the aisle, and then we turned and watched Loralee. I must confess that I usually don't cry at weddings, but I struggled to hold back tears as I saw Loralee coming down the aisle. Partly because I was so ridiculously happy for my dear sister-friend. But also because I suddenly imagined Lucas walking down the aisle with Allie, and while she is a tiny baby now, I know it will feel like we blink and we will be there.

The girls of the family.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, but I must take a moment to totally brag about my husband (even though the wedding was not about him...). It was his first wedding, and it was his sister's wedding, and he carefully prepared his first wedding homily. If I may say so myself, it was fantastic. He talked about the various models of love for a marriage - the "me" (what's in it for me), the "we" (we do it all 50/50), and the "he/she" (sacrificing self to make the other happy) - and how all of them ultimately fail. When you're in it for yourself you will always be disappointed (and that isn't really love anyways). When you try to do everything 50/50 there are always going to be times it doesn't work...and you're always going to feel like you're doing more than your fair share. And when you try to do 100% for the other, you will eventually burn out and feel bitter. Ultimately, the only way to love is "THEE." Loving God with your whole heart and self, and loving your spouse with God's love that flows through you.

Grandma & Aunt Minnie - seeing them dance, I'd swear they're younger than I!

I couldn't help but think, as my husband was talking, that this talk was so much more suited to couples married for a while...with children...like us. Because, as I listened to him I saw in myself how I have loved in all three models in the recent past. It was such a good reminder to remember the miraculous grace that God has for me, and to model that in my love to my husband (knowing that I am far from perfect myself...I forget that a lot). And while I don't usually cry at weddings, I couldn't hold back the tears as I listened to Lucas talk because I was so incredibly convicted by my husbands words, so fabulously proud of his well-delivered, insightful message, and so completely in love with him.

The Chicken Dance - classic.

For me, after the wedding was a blur. My main focus was seeing my babies (who I hadn't seen all day - I thought the night of the rehearsal was hard!), and then getting them back and to bed (my parents took them). After that we ate, we danced, we quickly went around to say hello to as many people as we could, and then we went home and collapsed into bed. It was such a fabulous wedding and reception.

Congratulations Grant & Loralee!!


Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB KIM! You captured the whole event and even left out the fact that I made a mistake in the program :) But the part about being a blur, I can honestly say I don't remember Loralee and her dad coming down the asile. I have to say that day was the biggest blur in my life but I have talked to alot of moms and they say the same thing. It don't seem fair.

the monkey's mama said...

Kim you look absolutely stunning! and lucas' sermon sounds so wonderful! Congratulations to Loralee and Grant and to you guys for having a great trip with the babes!